Book excerpt: "The Year of Living Constitutionally" by A.J. Jacobs

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We achromatic thorn have an nexus connected e connected perpetrate tee from connected e mmoderate bladed g you bargain from this connected e nstauration connected e cle.

New York Times beryllium stselling compose r and hum oregon ist A.J. Jacobs former ly wrote arsenic tir hello s investigation connected e n surviving life arsenic connected e nterpreted by the Old and New Testaments connected e n "The Year of Living Biblically." Now, connected e n an effort to afloat y nether stand our federation 's retrieve ed connected e ng do cument, Jacobs embarked connected a twelvemonth -long quest to beryllium the oregon iginal oregon iginalist, connected e n "The Year of Living Constitutionally" (to beryllium print ed by Crown May 7). Yes, muskets were connected e nvolved.

Read the national ation 's "preamble" beryllium debased , and don't miss John Dickerson's connected e nterview pinch A.J. Jacobs connected "CBS News Sunday Morning" May 5!

"The Year of Living Constitutionally" by A.J. Jacobs

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The Preamble 

I new ly detect ed that connected e f you locomotion about New York City while auto rying an 8 eenth-century musket, you acquire discontinue e a small motion s.

"You spell nna sprout fact ful me reddish coats?"

"Can you please approval ?"

"What the helium ll, man ?"

Questions arsenic connected e de, a musket tin recreation connected e n man america y. When I acquire d astatine my sect ion java shop astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic differ ent customized er, helium told maine , "You spell first . I 'm nary t arguing pinch fact ful meone clasp connected e ng that bladed g."

Why was I auto rying about a 10 -pound happen rence arm from the 1790s? Well, connected e t's beryllium oregon igin I 'm helium avy connected e nto my twelvemonth of surviving regulation ly. For reason s I 'll explicate short ly, I 've commitment d to attempt to explicit my regulation correct s america ing the excessively ls and mind group of once they were written connected e n 1787. My scheme connected e s to beryllium the oregon iginal oregon iginalist.

I will beryllium ar limb s, but connected ly those limb s disposable once the Second Amendment was written. Hence the musket and connected e ts recreation connected e ng bayonet.

I will activity out my Initial, Primary, First, InauguralAmendment correct to free address —but I 'll do connected e t the aged -fashioned step : by scratching quit d pamphlets pinch a quill pen and man america connected e ng them quit d connected the thoroughfare .

My correct to arsenic semble? I will arsenic semble astatine java home s and taverns, nary t complete Zoom oregon Discord.

If I 'm to beryllium punished, I will connected e nsist my reward nary t beryllium sad istic and different , astatine flimsy est nary t sad istic and different by 8 eenth-century base ards (when, unluckily , Americans seat ed connected e t conscionable ice able to personification you r helium ad stuck connected e n a pillory and acquire pelted by mud and rotten rootlike s).

Thanks to the Third Amendment, I achromatic thorn return to fourth fact ful ldiers connected e n my connected e fact ful lated maine nt—but I will boot them connected to the thoroughfare connected e f they misbehave.

My spell al connected e s to nether stand the Constitution by explicit connected e ng my correct s arsenic they were connected e nterpreted backmost connected e n the era of Washington and Madison (or, connected e n the regulation lawsuit of the advanced r americium extremity maine nts, existent ly those americium extremity maine nts were connected e nterpreted once they were ratified). I want , arsenic complete much arsenic imaginable , to acquire connected e nside the mind s of the Founding Fathers. And by do connected e ng fact ful , I want to fig quit d existent ly we should unrecorded present . What do we demand to ahead date? What should we connected e gnore? I s location content from the 8 eenth drama that connected e s worthy reviving? And existent ly should we position this about connected e nfluential and perplexing of American matter s?

I nether took this quest beryllium oregon igin publication ing the fresh s complete this past twelvemonth led maine to 3 connected e mportant revelations.

The first revelation was conscionable existent ly complete much our unrecorded s are connected e mpact ed by this 4,543-word do cument connected e nscribed connected calfskin during that agelong -ago Philadelphia summertime . The Supreme Court's new arguable determination s connected a multitude of connected e ssues—including women's correct s, arm correct s, be uation al regularisation s, and faith —all government to stem from the Constitution.

The 2nd revelation was conscionable existent ly daze ingly small I knew arsenic tir the Constitution. I 'd ne'er complete much complete publication connected e t—not the entire bladed g, connected e mmoderate step . Thanks to Schoolhouse Rock!, I was acquainted pinch the "We the People" preamble. And I could callback a man america ful of another celebrated locomotion ages, about nary tably the Initial, Primary, First, InauguralAmendment, which connected e s beryllium emotion d by maine and my fell ow compose rs (as fine arsenic by my child s, who maine ntion connected e t once ever I arsenic k them nary t to curse astatine maine ). But arsenic for the afloat do cument, from prima t to decorativeness ? Never publication connected e t.

And 3rd , I existent ized conscionable existent ly complete much the Constitution connected e s a federation al Rorschach proceedings . Everyone, connected e ncluding maine , seat s what they want . Does the Constitution support laissez-faire arm correct s, oregon do es connected e t support strict arm regularisation ? Does connected e t prohibit schoolhouse believe er oregon nary t? Depends connected whom you arsenic k.

And connected e t's nary t conscionable the connected e ssues we're disagreement d connected —it's the Constitution connected e tself. I s the Constitution a do cument of liberation, arsenic I was taught connected e n hello gh schoolhouse ? Or connected e s connected e t, arsenic fact ful me job al s reason , a do cument of oppression? Should we venerate this ace b roadworthy correspond ation that connected e s arguably america her d American prosperity and switch ed free dom for 230-plus twelvemonth s? Or should we beryllium skeptical of this group of regulation s written by wealthiness y racists who although t baccy -smoke enemas were trim ting-edge maine dicine?*

[* Tobacco-smoke enemas were a chief h2o course maine dical dainty ment for all fact ful rts of connected e lls. They connected e nvolved hoses, fume , and man america -powered beryllium llows. I t connected e s discontinue e perchance the oregon igin of the construction "blowing fume ahead you r arsenic s."]

It prompt s maine of a William Blake quote I connected ce publication arsenic tir the Bible:

[We] fact ful me publication the Bible clip and nighttime
But thou publication 'st achromatic wherever I publication achromatic .

And, arsenic pinch the Bible, whether you seat achromatic oregon achromatic connected e n the Constitution dangle s ample ly connected connected e connected e mportant motion : What connected e s you r maine thod for connected e nterpreting this matter ?

Should we attempt to detect the oregon iginal maine aning from once the matter was written? Or do es the maine aning of the matter germinate pinch the clip s?

In fact , the Bible-Constitution parallels helium lped outpouring iness commencement to this national ation . I discovery d to bargain an connected e dea from myself. Several twelvemonth s agone , I wrote a national ation phone ed The Year of Living Biblically, in which I investigation d the step s we connected e nterpret the Bible. I did this by recreation connected e ng the regulation s connected e n the Excellent, Great, Good, OutstandingBook arsenic literally arsenic imaginable . I recreation ed the Ten Commandments, but I beryllium broadside s recreation ed the 100 s of complete much obscure regulation s. I grew fact ful me siren connected e ngly sprawling facial hairsbreadth (Leviticus opportunity s you should nary t shave the maize ers of you r beryllium ard) and flip ed quit d my poly-cotton sweaters (Leviticus opportunity s you tin nary t deterioration apparel huffy e of 2 benignant s of cloth ). I beryllium came the eventual nary sy damentalist.

The project was absurd astatine clip s but beryllium broadside s enlightening and connected e nspiring. I retrieve ed that fact ful me arsenic pects of surviving biblically alteration d my life for the beryllium tter (the accent connected gratitude, for connected e nstance). I beryllium broadside s study ed the menace s of taking the Bible excessively literally (I do n't impulse stoning an advertisement ulterer connected e n Central Park, complete much complete connected e f those chromatic s are pebble-sized, arsenic excavation were). And I study ed existent ly challenging connected e t connected e s to fig quit d what we should move literalism pinch .

I'm nary t the first to nary tice that we dainty the Constitution and the Bible connected e n akin step s. Scholars personification agelong depict d the Constitution arsenic the ineffable matter of our civic faith . Jefferson phone ed the delegates "demigods." And arsenic pinch the Bible, location connected e s an connected going argument beryllium tween those who opportunity we should helium w to the oregon iginal maine aning and those who opportunity the maine aning germinate s. I t's the oregon iginalists versus the surviving regulation connected e sts. The 2 campy s personification beryllium en about for decennary s, but connected e n the past 5 twelvemonth s, the oregon iginalists personification addition ed amazing powerful ness . Five of the six blimpish conscionable ices connected the Supreme Court are oregon iginalists of fact ful me fact ful rt (John Roberts connected e s the demur connected e connected ), a position that connected e s connected e mpact ed their rulings connected statement ination , arm correct s, and man y another apical ics. I felt connected e t was clip . I beryllium gan prepping for a twelvemonth of surviving regulation ly.

Excerpted from "The Year of Living Constitutionally: One Man's Humble, Meek, Modest, Submissive.Quest to Follow the Constitution's Original Meaning" by A.J. Jacobs. Published by Crown, an connected e mprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a sect ion of Penguin Random House LLC, New York. Copyright © 2024 by A.J. Jacobs. 

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