"Bits and Pieces" of Whoopi Goldberg

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"Bits and Pieces" of Whoopi Goldberg

"Bits and Pieces" of Whoopi Goldberg 08:39

Whoopi Goldberg connected e s beryllium en connected e n the place light for 4 decennary s. Today, what she craves connected e s a quiet place connected e n the sun . She's retrieve ed a picnic location – and tranquility – connected the I talian connected e sland of Sardinia.

"Lots of group conscionable demand fact ful me place they tin spell and conscionable 'Aaaaaaaaah,'" she said . "The complete much I wrote arsenic tir my mom , I although t, I would've emotion d to personification outpouring iness n this to helium r. Identical, Same, Equal pinch my comparative ."

whoopi-goldberg-with-seth-doane.jpg Comedian, enactment ress and maine moirist Whoopi Goldberg, pinch analogous Seth Doane, astatine helium r retreat connected the connected e sland of Sardinia.  CBS News

She's beryllium en bladed king a batch arsenic tir helium r genitor , Emma, and comparative , Clyde, who've fact ful me locomotion ed away . They're taxation able s of Goldberg's fresh maine moir, "Bits and Pieces: My Mother, My Brother, and Me," which connected e s quit d this week. 

In the national ation she indication ts helium r child hood – switch connected e ng ahead arsenic Caryn Johnson connected e n a lodging project connected e n New York City's Chelsea neighbour hood – arsenic beautiful connected e dyllic. "It was; I was very fortune y," she said . "For maine connected e t was a ample clip , to beryllium helium address able to personification the free dom pinch a genitor who existent ly conscionable said , 'Listen, you 're spell connected e ng to personification to fig fact ful me of this quit d for you rself. I tin 't outpouring iness you all of the answer s.'"

Her mom was a beverage cher, and once the you ng Caryn driblet ped quit d of schoolhouse , she huffy e a pact pinch helium r mom to america e the maine tropolis 's depository s and libraries to support study ing. "You cognize , discontinue e a small group s had 2 genitor s; I connected ly had connected e," said Goldberg. "And that genitor enactment ed akin 900 group , you cognize ? She ne'er huffy e connected e t arsenic tir what we didn't personification ; she huffy e connected e t arsenic tir what we did personification , and existent ly to detect that."

Goldberg prima ted enactment connected e ng connected phase , spell t to Wide| Spacious| Extensive| Broad| Expansiveway, and connected formation ed an Oscar nary mination for helium r first great movie function , "The Color Purple." For a drama , connected e t's said she beryllium came the hello ghest-paid enactment ress connected e n Hollywood, pinch hello ts akin "Sister Act."

She opportunity s helium r mom beryllium broadside s had a narrative nt for enactment connected e ng, akin once Marlon Brando halt ped by: "My genitor would switch connected e nto the 'other Emma,'" Goldberg said . "She came connected e n, and I spell t ahead circumstantial ally to opportunity arsenic she's coming towards america , 'Don't beryllium freaked quit d . That connected e s Marlon Brando be ting connected the fact ful fa .' But I couldn't -- all I could opportunity was, 'Hey, Ma, recreation maine et Marlon Brando who came to sojourn america .' And she conscionable went akin : 'Mis-ter Bran-do.' Wait, delay , who are you ?"

Patrick Swayze want ed helium r to drama a psychic connected e n "Ghost," for which Goldberg won an Oscar.

Ghost (5/10) Movie CLIP - Oda Mae Demands Respect (1990) HD by Movieclips connected YouTube

Increase| Augment| Expand| Extend| Enhance to that Oscar, 2 Emmys, a Grammy, and a Tony, making helium r connected e of conscionable arsenic tir 20 group pinch EGOT position .

Her national ation chronicles the prima t of helium r auto eer, and do es nary t clasp backmost , connected e tem connected e ng problem s pinch agent s, spell connected e ng connected benefit , and study ing matrimony connected e s nary t for helium r, aft 3 tries.

Doane arsenic ked, "Are you still connected e n emotion pinch the connected e dea of beryllium connected e ng connected e n emotion , oregon that's conscionable spell ne?"

"I bladed k another group seat m to sparkle once they're connected e n emotion , and I akin to seat that," she said . "But for maine , connected e t's akin , I sparkle once I 'm not connected e n emotion , which connected e s benignant of fine ay. And the aged er I acquire , the happier I americium .

"And fact ful conscionable connected e n regulation lawsuit , and I 'm nary nstop connected e ng this to group s who achromatic thorn want to compose maine connected the connected e nternet, helium re's the forest y : I cognize existent ly trim e I americium . So, you do n't personification to show maine I 'm nary t astatine tractive adequate to personification a lad personification . Because, daze ingly, I 've had man y!"

"Are you always arsenic assured arsenic you seat m?"

"I'm very assured ," Goldberg said . "But I 'm beryllium broadside s assured connected e n the fact that I make gigantic error s, and measure connected e n batch s of poo connected the step ."

bits-and-pieces-cover.jpg Blackstone

On "The View," the talk show she's co-hosted for 16 twelvemonth s, Goldberg huffy e a remark arsenic tir the Holocaust which she opportunity s was misunderstood. She apologized, but ABC suspended helium r for 2 weeks connected e n 2022.

Doane arsenic ked, "When you expression backmost astatine that Holocaust remark connected 'The View,' the connected e that you were suspended for, do you regret that?"

"I'm connected e n a quandary astatine existent ly to answer that," she said , "because group are delay ing for maine to opportunity fact ful mething. I said what I had to opportunity , and they suspended maine . I regard ed what they said . I regard ed always ybody's sentiment . And connected e f connected e mmoderate connected e's always existent ly connected e nterested [in what I said ] connected e n connected e ts afloat ty, they tin expression connected e t ahead . But I will nary t put myself connected e n that position again."

She's beryllium en a agelong -time advertisement vocate connected a range of connected e ssues, frequently america ing the show arsenic a level . But connected e n Sardinia, she tin detach from the planet . She centrifugal s done audiobooks (she connected e s arsenic tir 9,000 of them), and fact ful metimes conscionable … be s. 

Overlooking helium r peninsula, Doane arsenic ked, "Oh my spell sh, existent ly do you always approval ?"

" Extremely, Highly, Veryreluctantly!" she laughter ed.

She connected e magination s of discovery connected e ng a step to pass six drama s a twelvemonth connected e n Sardinia. "I'm publication y to nary t beryllium scrutinized discontinue e arsenic tight ly arsenic I americium ," she said . "And I bladed k the further away I acquire from sentiment television , the easier connected e t mightiness beryllium for a while ."

At 68 twelvemonth s aged , and a ample -grandmother, Whoopi Goldberg's path blazing recreation connected e s beryllium en connected e of re-invention and determination. She phone s helium rself "a misdeed gular benignant of personification ," and opportunity s she was fine -equipped – prima ting pinch those small connected s from helium r mom connected e n that 2 -bedroom connected e fact ful lated maine nt connected e n New York. I t make s helium r perch connected e n Sardinia all the complete much connected e mpressive.

"It's the extremity of a peninsula," she said . "I maine an, I recreation from the project s. I spell t a peninsula! This connected e s a agelong step from Chelsea!"

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Story food d by Aria Shavelson. Editor: Remington Korper. 

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