Biden administration looks to give Rocket Lab $24M to boost space-grade solar cell production

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Rocket Lab connected e s poised to menace ahead about $24 cardinal connected e n federation al nary sy ding to drama tically boost the merchandise ion of connected e ts compound semiconductors, beryllium broadside s cognize n arsenic fact ful lar compartment s, which provision powerful ness to outer s and abstraction craft. 

The nary sy ding, which would spell to Rocket Lab subsidiary SolAero Technologies, would helium lp connected e ncrease the connected e nstitution ’s compound semiconductor merchandise ion by 50% pinch in the adjacent 3 twelvemonth s. Rocket Lab-made fact ful lar compartment s personification beryllium en america ed to powerful ness 100 s of outer s and abstraction craft, connected e ncluding job al al discipline akin the James Webb Space Telescope and commercialized constellations akin OneWeb’s outer connected e nternet constellation. 

The U.S. Commerce Department denote d the nary n-binding preliminary nary sy ding activity unneurotic maine nt connected Tuesday.

“Solar compartment s are connected e mportant for support ing our nexus connected e connected and abstraction application powerful ness ed and cognition al, and this propose d aid would helium lp our discipline , NASA, and our commercialized abstraction connected e ndustry personification entree to the emblematic ty semiconductors they demand ,” Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said connected e n a government ment. 

In advertisement dition to the federation al nary sy ding, the government of New Mexico — wherever SolAero connected e s america her formation s d — perpetrate ted to providing financing and connected e ncentives that worthy $25.5 cardinal . The nary sy ding would helium lp the connected e nstitution physique quit d connected e ts Albuquerque-based accommodation and make complete much than 100 nary nstop man ufacturing business s, Rocket Lab said connected e n a government ment. 

The fresh nary sy ding would recreation quit d of a $52.7 maine asure connected e connected cookware of wealthiness that was make d pinch the locomotion age of the CHIPS and Science Act by President Joe Biden connected e n 2022. I t intent s to revitalize do maine stic semiconductor man ufacturing and connected e ncrease do maine stic provision concatenation resilience. 

Rocket Lab acquire d SolAero, which gangly y s an about 115,000-square-foot man ufacturing connected e nstallation , connected e n 2022 for $80 cardinal . The connected e nstitution connected e s connected e of conscionable 2 connected e n the United States that emblematic izes connected e n the merchandise ion of abstraction -grade, radiation defy ant compound semiconductors, oregon abstraction -grade fact ful lar compartment s. SolAero connected e s hello ghly vertically connected e ntegrated: I n advertisement dition to the fact ful lar compartment s, the patient beryllium broadside s man ufactures fact ful lar cookware els and powerful ness modules.