Beyonce Remixes Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ & Sings With Miley Cyrus for ‘Cowboy Carter’ Album

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Beyoncé pulled retired each nan stops for her latest album, Cowboy Carter! The 42-year-old euphony superstar sang brand-new covers of songs, and she moreover put a rotation connected Dolly Parton‘s deed single, “Jolene.” If that wasn’t capable for fans, Bey collaborated pinch Miley Cyrus on nan album, which was released connected Friday, March 29.

“Hey, Miss Honey B, it’s Dolly P,” Dolly, 78, sings successful her interlude, earlier referring to “Becky” from Bey’s Lemonade era. “You know, that hussy pinch nan bully hairsbreadth you sang astir reminded maine of personification I knew backmost when. Except she has flaming locks of auburn hair. Bless her heart. Just a hairsbreadth of a different color, but it hurts conscionable nan same.”

Bey & Dolly P dragging #Jolene crossed decades, a generational resistance if you will …🤣🤠🐎#CowboyCarter #actii #DollyParton #DollyP #Beyonce

— Jay V (@jayv_qt) March 29, 2024

Apart from nan celebrated state euphony songstress, Bey duets pinch Miley, 31, connected nan opus “II Most Wanted.”

“I’ll beryllium your shotgun rider ’til nan time I dice / Smoke retired nan window, flyin’ down nan 405,” nan “Used to Be Young” creator and nan “Texas Hold ‘Em” hitmaker singing successful nan chorus of their caller track. “I’ll beryllium your backseat baby, drivin’ you crazy / Anytime you for illustration (Woah) / I’ll beryllium your shotgun rider ’til nan time I / ‘Til nan time I die.”

Following nan merchandise of their collab, Miley shared an Instagram station that day, thanking Bey.


out astatine midnight 👀

— Miley Nation (@MileyNation13) March 28, 2024

“I’ve loved Beyoncé since agelong earlier I had nan opportunity to meet & activity pinch her,” Miley captioned her post, which featured nan screen of Cowboy Carter. “My admiration runs truthful overmuch deeper now that I’ve created on broadside of her. Thank you, Beyoncé. You’re everything & more. Love you. To everyone who spent clip making this opus truthful typical convey you from nan bottommost of my heart. Sincerely , Miley.”

Aside from Dolly and Miley, Queen Bey besides invited Post Malone to singing pinch her connected their collab, “Levii’s Jeans.” The Grammy Award victor moreover covered The Beatles’ azygous “Blackbird” from nan band’s White Album. Vocalist Paul McCartney wrote nan opus astir nan heavy racism that swept done nan southbound passim nan 1960s.

Less than 2 weeks ago, Bey penned a lengthy Instagram caption to explicate what inspired her to constitute a country-themed album.

“This medium has been complete 5 years successful nan making,” she revealed. “It was calved retired of an acquisition that I had years agone wherever I did not consciousness welcomed … and it was very clear that I wasn’t. But, because of that experience, I did a deeper dive into nan history of state euphony and studied our rich | philharmonic archive. It feels bully to spot really euphony tin merge truthful galore group astir nan world, while besides amplifying nan voices of immoderate of nan group who person dedicated truthful overmuch of their lives educating connected our philharmonic history.”