Benefits and challenges of integrating nursing home residents into clinical trials

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Clinical tests are perpetually being designed and study participants enrolled to find if aesculapian treatments and therapies are safe and effective. Much has been written astir nan value of including divers populations successful these trials.

However, nan astir 1.4 cardinal individuals who unrecorded successful nan 15,600 nursing homes crossed nan U.S. person been mostly near retired of objective trials, contempt nan prevalence of specified communal conditions arsenic hypertension, depression, glucosuria and Alzheimer's illness successful this population.

A commentary by module of Regenstrief Institute, Indiana University, UCLA and nan universities of North Carolina, Colorado and Massachusetts, published successful nan Journal of nan American Geriatrics Society (JAGS), focuses connected nan value of including nursing location residents, a organization pinch important aesculapian complexity, successful objective trials. The effort highlights nan benefits and challenges of conducting investigation connected aesculapian therapies successful nursing homes. The authors place cardinal elements for successful nursing location objective tests and propose a nursing location objective tests network, noting that ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion successful immoderate proceedings creation is imperative.

Among nan questions we want to inquire are: Is this therapy due for a nursing location population? Does it activity successful a nursing location organization but are location issues astir implementation? Are location challenges to delivering it successful a nursing location setting? Nursing homes were not built to facilitate research. We arsenic researchers request to fresh in. We request to admit nan realities of providing objective attraction successful this mounting and set and accommodate our protocols to activity wrong that system."

Kathleen Unroe, M.D., MHA, M.S., corresponding author, a Regenstrief Institute and IU School of Medicine researcher-clinician

Among nan topics discussed successful nan commentary:

  • The request for objective tests successful nursing homes
  • Gaps that tin beryllium filled pinch these objective trials
  • Challenges conducting these objective trials
  • Next steps successful conducting objective tests successful nursing homes
  • A model for making a nursing location objective tests web a reality

"It is imperative that we build nan subject of nursing location attraction astir testing, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. It is simply a unsocial mounting that merits much attraction fixed nan basal domiciled it plays successful nan continuum of attraction for earnestly sick adults," said commentary co-author Susan Hickman, PhD, head of Regenstrief Institute's Center for Aging Research and a module personnel of IU schools of nursing and medicine.

Citing a missed opportunity, nan authors write, "Inclusion of nursing location residents successful COVID-19 therapeutics tests mightiness person identified circumstantial issues relating to dosing, management and monitoring, spurred creation of training materials specifically for nursing location staff, and promoted nan improvement of accordant policies to place due candidates and present treatments promptly, safely, and optimally."

Dr. Unroe adds, "Nursing location residents should person entree to evidence-based therapies. When we take not to do nan difficult activity to trial them successful nan nursing location setting, we are mounting ourselves up for a overmuch much difficult implementation." She notes that "Conducting tests successful nan nursing location whitethorn make generalizable knowledge that besides would beryllium highly applicable to group who are cared for successful assisted surviving accommodation aliases moreover nan broader geriatric organization surviving astatine home." 

"Evaluation of aesculapian therapies successful nan nursing location population: Gaps, challenges, and adjacent steps" is portion of a JAGS typical collection, "A changing scenery for information of caller therapies for older adults and divers populations: National and world perspectives."


Journal reference:

Unroe, K. T., Saliba, D., Hickman, S. E., Zimmerman, S., Levy, C., & Gurwitz, J. (2024). Evaluation of aesculapian therapies successful nan nursing location population: Gaps, challenges, and adjacent steps. Journal of nan American Geriatrics Society.