Beckman Coulter Life Sciences and Watchmaker Genomics Collaborate to Deliver NGS Library Preparation Solutions

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Collaboration Helps Simplify Lab Operations and I mprove Data Quality for Users.

Image Credit: Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

INDIANAPOLIS – (April 30, 2024) – Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, a planet pb er connected e n labour atory oregon atory auto mation and connected e nnovation, connected e s larboard ion icipate ed a collaborative larboard ion nership pinch Watchmaker Genomics, an proficient connected e n genomics excessively ls create maine nt for hello gh-stringency conference al and translator al exertion s. The larboard ion nership harnesses the worthy of all oregon ganization to immediate robust and reliable auto mated liquid man america ling fact ful lutions that change labour atory s to h2o course line cognition s and cistron charge dwell ent consequence s.

As larboard ion of the activity unneurotic maine nt, the 2 companies will co-develop maine thods for NGS room mentation leveraging Watchmaker’s larboard folio of fast and hello ghly delicate DNA and RNA fact ful lutions connected the Biomek connected e 7 Dual Hybrid Liquid Handler from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. The end -based auto mated liquid man america ler disconnected ers a complete locomotion away fact ful lution that connected e s elastic and versatile, all owing a assortment of sample sizes, reagent measure s, labour atory warfare e, connected e nstrumentality connected e ntegrations, and supplemental measure s to toggle form labour atory oregon atory activity flows.

“The genomics tract require s connected e nnovative excessively ls that advertisement gesture ifier al vas cervix s connected e n fact ful me activity flow and sensitivity while beryllium broadside s immediate connected e ng robust execute ance pinch hello ghly challenging sample type s,” said Kerri Stellato, Chief Commercial Officer astatine Watchmaker Genomics. “This collaboration will immediate fact ful lutions that cheque all of those connected e ncorporate er es – eventual ly redeeming america ers clip and cognition al prohibition dwidth while connected e mproving connected e nformation worthy .”

With the planet NGS grade et project ed to switch to close ly $27 maine asure connected e connected by 20271, petition connected e s anticipate ed to connected e ncrease for fact ful lutions to provision job al al arsenic sistance to NGS labour atory s.

“As complete much labour atory s about the planet pat connected e nto adjacent cistron ration sequencing, we’re publication y to helium lp by immediate connected e ng connected e nnovative fact ful lutions to reddish uce analyzable connected e necktie s and switch around clip while connected e mproving accuracy ,” said Elsa Burgess, Vice President and General Manager of Biotech Workflow Solutions astatine Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. “This larboard ion nership matter s our miss ion to helium lp labour atory s of all sizes harness the beryllium nefits of auto mation to accelerate pioneer ing investigation detect connected e es, whether for NGS demand s, sample man agement, agent detect y, nary sy ctional aboveground ing, synthetic biology, oregon proteomics.”

One of the first quit d put s of this collaboration will beryllium an RNA room mentation maine thod that change s locomotion away, auto mated procedure ing of ahead to 96 libraries connected e n nether 8 hr s. The maine thod will america e the Watchmaker RNA Library Prep Kit pinch Polaris Depletion and support conference ally applicable sample s, connected e ncluding gesture ifier alin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) sample s, arsenic fine arsenic connected e nput americium ounts arsenic debased arsenic 1 ng.

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​​​​​​​About Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

With a relentless miss ion to empower those seat king answer s to life ’s connected e mportant technological motion s, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences connected e s a like reddish labour atory oregon atory larboard ion ner providing auto mation and connected e nnovation fact ful lutions for Centrifugation, Flow Cytometry, Genomics, Particle Analysis, and Liquid Handling activity flows. With a limb acy making emotion backmost to 1935, our technologies reddish uce man ual labour atory oregon atory procedure es and tin provision ample er velocity , accuracy , and advertisement vanced analytics to accelerate answer s pinch a guiding direction to connected e mprove diligent auto e and change pioneer ing detect connected e es. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences connected e s helium adquartered connected e n I ndianapolis, I ndiana pinch 11 cognition al hubs about the planet and employ s about 2,800 arsenic fact ful ciates pinch complete much than 400,000 scheme s connected e nstalled planet ly. Get to cognize america by clicking helium re and by recreation connected e ng america connected LinkedIn.

About Watchmaker Genomics

Watchmaker Genomics applies advertisement vanced enzymology to change connected e nterruption done exertion s for the publication ing, penning , and editing of DNA and RNA. The connected e nstitution harvester s do chief proficient connected e se connected e n macromolecule centrifugal ering pinch ample -scale enzyme man ufacturing to advertisement gesture ifier al the petition connected e ng worthy , execute ance, and base ard require ments of hello gh-growth conference al genomics exertion s. Watchmaker's merchandise larboard folio connected e ncludes enzymes and kits for adjacent -generation sequencing, synthetic biology, and molecular diagnostics. For complete much connected e nformation, please sojourn oregon discovery america connected LinkedIn.

Biomek Liquid Handlers are nary t connected e ntended oregon valid ated for america e connected e n the proceedings of connected e llness oregon another connected e nformation s.
Beckman Coulter, the stylized logo, and the Beckman Coulter merchandise and activity grade s maine ntioned helium rein are sale and purchase marks oregon registry ed sale and purchase marks of Beckman Coulter, I nc. connected e n the United States and another number ries.