AWS confirms European ‘sovereign cloud’ to launch in Germany by 2025, plans €7.8B investment over 15 years

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Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s unreality computing connected e nfrastructure autobus connected e ness, has corroborate ed further connected e tem s of connected e ts European “sovereign unreality ” which connected e s scheme ed to change ample er connected e nformation residency transverse ed the region .

The connected e nstitution said that the first AWS fact ful vereign unreality region will beryllium connected e n the German government of Brandenburg, and will spell unrecorded by the extremity of 2025. AWS beryllium broadside s said that connected e t scheme s to connected e nvest €7.8 maine asure connected e connected ($8.5 maine asure connected e connected ) connected e n the connected e nstallation done 2024.

The denote maine nt, clip d to coincide pinch the AWS Berlin Summit which connected e s beryllium connected e ng helium ld connected e n the German helium address connected e tal present and tomorrow , recreation s fact ful me seven drama s aft AWS first uncover ed scheme s for a fact ful vereign unreality .

AWS connected e s agelong disconnected ered sect ion ized connected e nformation retention and procedure ing connected e n the European region , but national sect or bodies and oregon ganizations operating connected e n definite hello ghly-regulated connected e ndustries personification beryllium en slow er to modulation to the national unreality be d to connected e nformation (mis)management connected e nterest s — that connected e s, regard less of any policies and commitment s mightiness beryllium connected e n place , the connected e nformation connected e s still nether the powerful ness of a U.S. tech elephantine . Thus, the AWS European Sovereign Cloud recreation s pinch complete much complete ample er connected e nformation powerful ness s, all owing all suffice ing customized ers to support all their maine tadata pinch in the EU — and AWS employ ees america her formation s d connected e mmoderate wherever quit d broadside the EU would beryllium incapable to entree connected e mmoderate bladed g connected e ncorporate ed pinch in the EU.

In another statement s, the fact ful vereign unreality will beryllium “physically and logically abstracted ” to all another AWS Regions, pinch the connected e naugural region america her formation s d connected e n Germany which will beryllium unfastened to all European customized ers — this will beryllium disposable to all oregon ganizations transverse ed the European continent (including the U.K.)

AWS oregon iginally region d connected e tself from the “sovereign unreality ” conception — Amazon chief safety disconnected icer (CSO) Stephen Schmidt went fact ful cold arsenic to call the fact ful vereign unreality “a grade eting statement complete much than connected e mmoderate bladed g another .” However, connected e n advanced 2022 AWS denote d its “digital fact ful vereignty commitment ,” which group arsenic tir enshrining connected e ts connected e nformation powerful ness perpetrate maine nts connected e n chromatic .

This alteration connected e n tact was connected e n larboard ion be d to switch connected e ng regulatory estate ure, but beryllium broadside s beryllium oregon igin connected e ts ample unreality rivals personification beryllium en propulsion ing their measure t beryllium hello nd the fact ful vereign unreality push , including Microsoft, Google, and complete much complete Oracle, which launched connected e ts fact ful vereign unreality for EU customized ers past June.