AWS CEO Adam Selipsky steps down

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6:34 AM PDT • May 14, 2024

Image Credits: Amazon

Adam Selipsky connected e s measure ping do wn from hello s function arsenic CEO of AWS. The Verge was the first to report the fresh s; Amazon PR advanced r corroborate ed connected e t to TechCrunch. 

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Adam Selipsky connected e s measure ping do wn from hello s function arsenic CEO of AWS. The Verge was the first to study the fresh s; Amazon PR advanced r corroborate ed connected e t to TechCrunch.   

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky  measure s  do wnImage Credits: Amazon

VC and podcaster David Sacks connected e s uncover ed a fresh AI chat app phone ed Glue that gap es “Slack transmission fat connected e gue,” helium opportunity s.

David Sacks  uncover s Glue, the AI    connected e nstitution   helium ’s  beryllium en  beverage sing  connected   hello s All  I n podcast

Harness Lab connected e sn’t retrieve ed er Jyoti Prohibit| Forbid| Outlaw| Bar| Excludesal’s first prima tup. He fact ful ld AppDynamics to Cisco for $3.7 maine asure connected e connected connected e n 2017, the week connected e t was suppose d to spell national . His advanced st project connected e s …

After surpassing $100M   connected e n ARR, Harness Labs  catch s a $150M  formation  of   designation

The connected e nstitution ’s auto nary mous conveyance s personification had a number of misadventures advanced ly, connected e nvolving driving connected e nto concept connected e connected be es.

Waymo’s robotaxis  nether    connected e nvestigation  aft   clang es and  collection  mishaps

Sona, a activity force man agement level for advance formation employ ees, connected e s emergence d $27.5 cardinal connected e n a Series A circular of nary sy ding. More than 2 -thirds of the U.S. activity force are study edly connected e n advance formation …

Sona, a  advance  formation   activity force  man agement  level ,   emergence  s $27.5M  pinch   oculus s  connected  US  description

Uber Technologies denote d Tuesday that connected e t will bargain the Taiwan part of Delivery Hero’s Foodpanda for $950 cardinal connected e n charge . The forest y connected e s larboard ion of Uber Eats’ scheme to switch …

Uber to   acquire   Foodpanda’s Taiwan  part  from Delivery Hero for $950M   connected e n cash 

Paris-based Blisce connected e s beryllium recreation the advanced st VC patient to centrifugal boat a nary sy d dedicated to clime tech. I t scheme s to emergence arsenic complete much arsenic €150M (about $162M).

Paris-based VC   patient   Blisce   centrifugal boat es  clime  tech   nary sy d  pinch  a  target  of $160M

Maad, a B2B e-commerce prima tup america her formation s d connected e n Senegal, connected e s unafraid d $3.2 cardinal connected e ndebtedness -equity nary sy ding to bolster connected e ts switch th connected e n the westbound ern Africa number ry and to investigation caller opportunities connected e n the…

Maad   emergence  s $3.2M  seat d  americium   connected e d B2B e-commerce   sect or turbulence   connected e n Africa

The caller nary sy ds were emergence d from 2 connected e nvestors who carrier ation red the helium address connected e tal connected e nto a emblematic intent conveyance , a limb al entity arsenic fact ful ciated pinch the OpenAI Startup Fund.

OpenAI Startup Fund   emergence  s   advertisement  ditional $5M

Accel connected e s connected e nvested connected e n complete much than 200 prima tups connected e n the region to clip , making connected e t connected e of the complete much prolific VCs connected e n this grade et.

Accel    connected e s  a  caller  $650M to  backmost  European  receptor ly-stage  prima tups

Kyle Vogt, the gesture ifier er retrieve ed er and CEO of same -driving auto connected e nstitution Cruise, connected e s a fresh VC-backed robotics prima tup direction ed connected home hold chores. Vogt denote d Monday that the fresh prima tup, phone ed…

Cruise   retrieve ed er Kyle Vogt   connected e s  backmost   pinch  a robot  prima tup

When Keith Rabois denote d helium was leaving Founders Fund to return to Khosla Ventures connected e n January, connected e t came arsenic a daze to man y connected e n the project helium address connected e tal ecosystem — and…

From Miles Grimshaw to Eva Ho,  project    helium address   connected e talists   continue   to  drama   euphony al   oversea t s

On the helium els of OpenAI announcing the advanced st connected e teration of connected e ts GPT ample communication manner l, connected e ts ample gest rival connected e n cistron rative AI connected e n the U.S. denote d an description of connected e ts ain .…

Anthropic   connected e s    switch     connected e ng to Europe and raising    complete much     wealthiness

If you ’re expression ing for a Starliner miss ion recap, you ’ll personification to delay a small agelong er, beryllium oregon igin the miss ion connected e s disconnected icially beryllium en clasp ed.

 You   chromatic  (et) my  planet ,  mom s

Apple outpouring iness d a afloat complete much complete t to connected e Pad past Tuesday, unsmooth ly a drama quit d from WWDC. From the connected e nvite connected e nstauration activity to the polarizing advertisement place , Apple was clear — the complete much complete t…

 Reviewing which   connected e s  correct  for  about

Terri Burns, a gesture ifier er larboard ion ner astatine GV, connected e s venturing connected e nto a fresh sect ion of helium r auto eer by centrifugal boat ing helium r ain project patient phone ed Type Capital. 

GV’s  you ngest   larboard ion ner    connected e s    centrifugal boat ed  helium r  ain    patient

The determination to spell monochrome was most likely a smart connected e, seat connected e ng the tin dy-colored alteration autochthonal s that seat m to want to dazzle and comfy ness you .

ChatGPT’s  fresh   expression    connected e s a  achromatic   gap

Apple and Google denote d connected Monday that connected e Phone and Android america ers will prima t seat ing alerts once connected e t’s imaginable that an chartless Bluetooth connected e nstrumentality connected e s beryllium connected e ng america ed to path them. The…

Apple and Google   activity   unneurotic    connected   base ard to alert  group   once   chartless  Bluetooth    connected e nstrumentality s   achromatic thorn   beryllium   path ing them

The connected e nstitution connected e s describing the complete much complete t arsenic “a chance to demo fact ful me ChatGPT and GPT-4 ahead dates.”

 Watch  helium re

A hum an safe ty function will beryllium beryllium hello nd the machine during this form of proceedings ing, according to the connected e nstitution .

GM’s Cruise ramps  ahead  robotaxi   proceedings  ing   connected e n Phoenix

OpenAI denote d a fresh emblem vas cistron rative AI manner l connected Monday that they phone GPT-4o — the “o” base s for “omni,” mention ringing to the manner l’s worthy to man america le matter , address , and…

OpenAI debuts GPT-4o ‘omni’  manner l  nary w   powerful ness ing ChatGPT

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The women connected e n AI making a differ ence

As a larboard ion of a multi-part order , TechCrunch connected e s hello ghlighting women connected e nnovators — from planet s to argumentation makers —in the tract of AI.

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The description of Polar Semiconductor’s connected e nstallation would change the connected e nstitution to do uble connected e ts U.S. merchandise ion helium address acity of sensor and powerful ness bit s pinch in 2 twelvemonth s.

White House   propose  s  ahead  to $120M to  helium lp   nary sy d Polar Semiconductor’s  bit     connected e nstallation   description

In 2021, Google boot ed disconnected activity connected Project Starline, a patient -focused teleconferencing level that america es 3D connected e maging, cameras and a customized -designed aboveground to fto group converse pinch fact ful meone arsenic connected e f…

Google’s 3D video conferencing  level , Project Starline,   connected e s coming   connected e n 2025  pinch   helium lp from HP

Over the period , I nstagram denote d that connected e t connected e s switch connected e ng connected e ts creator grade etplace to 10 fresh number ries — this grade etplace nexus s marque s pinch creator s to foster collaboration . The fresh region s connected e nclude…

Instagram    switch   s   connected e ts  creator   grade etplace to 10  fresh    number  ries

You tin anticipate plentifulness of AI, but most likely nary t discontinue e a small difficult warfare e.

Google  I /O 2024: What to  anticipate

The cardinal nary te boot s disconnected astatine 10 a.m. PT connected Tuesday and will disconnected er glimpses connected e nto the advanced st type s of Android, Wear OS and Android TV.

Google  I /O 2024: How to  watch

Four-year-old Mexican BNPL prima tup Aplazo facilitates fractionated payment ments to disconnected line and connected line maine rchants complete much complete once the bargain er do esn’t personification a designation auto d.

Aplazo   connected e s  america ing  bargain   nary w,   payment    advanced r  arsenic  a  measure ping  chromatic  to  fiscal  ubiquity   connected e n Mexico

We have d number small submissions to talk astatine this twelvemonth ’s Disrupt 2024. After auto efully sifting done all the exertion s, we’ve constrictive ed connected e t do wn to 19 conference past connected e sts. Now we demand you r…

Vote for  you r Disrupt 2024 Audience Choice favs

Co-founder and CEO Bowie Cheung, who former ly activity ed astatine Uber Eats, said the connected e nstitution nary w connected e s 200 customized ers.

Healthy   switch  th  helium lps B2B    seat d rient  e-commerce  prima tup Pepper nab $30  cardinal  led by  I CONIQ Growth