AudioCure Pharma: Novel compound AC102 restores noise-induced hearing loss in preclinical models

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A azygous exertion of nan caller compound AC102 almost wholly restores noise-induced proceeding loss successful preclinical models. This is nan cardinal uncovering of a caller publication successful nan prestigious technological diary PNAS by nan Berlin-based start-up AudioCure Pharma. Sudden proceeding nonaccomplishment is often treated pinch anti-inflammatory corticosteroids without regulatory support aliases reliable grounds of effectiveness. Therefore, caller curen options are urgently needed for this condition.

Noise-induced proceeding nonaccomplishment was utilized to measure the efficacy of AC102 successful a preclinical model. A azygous mediate receptor exertion of AC102 aft sound trauma restores proceeding to adjacent pre-trauma levels aft 14 days. In contrast, curen without nan progressive compound resulted successful a profound proceeding loss. Further experiments show that AC102 targets nan 2 suspected main causes of abrupt proceeding nonaccomplishment successful nan soul ear: It prevents nan decease of outer hairsbreadth sensory cells and protects nan connections betwixt neurons and nan auditory nerve. "It is fascinating really a azygous molecule has specified divers effects successful nan soul ear. In laboratory experiments, we spot that AC102 protects neurons by expanding their power accumulation and reducing nan accumulation of free radicals. At nan aforesaid time, it stimulates nan regeneration of neurons and sensory cells enabling nan reformation of mislaid connections," explains Professor Hans Rommelspacher, CSO and laminitis of AudioCure Pharma.

Sudden proceeding nonaccomplishment is simply a debilitating information that tin severely impair reside knowing and person a antagonistic effect connected a patient's life. Corticosteroids person been utilized to dainty this information for 50 years, contempt deficiency of approval. Also, their effectiveness has been questioned. Recently, a ample study (HODOKORT) showed that much than 60% of patients pinch abrupt proceeding nonaccomplishment did not afloat retrieve aft corticosteroid treatment. Dr. Reimar Schlingensiepen, CEO of AudioCure Pharma, explains, "The HODOKORT study highlights nan curen spread for abrupt proceeding loss. We are truthful very excited astir nan promising effects of AC102 successful our preclinical models and dream that patients will besides use from it." Following successful information and tolerability testing, AC102 is presently being evaluated for efficacy successful a pan-European Phase 2 objective study successful patients pinch abrupt proceeding loss.

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