Atrial fibrillation linked to high mortality and hospitalization rates, UQ study shows

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Forty-five per cent of patients admitted to infirmary for atrial fibrillation (AF) successful Australia and New Zealand dice wrong a decade, according to University of Queensland research.

A squad led by Dr. Linh Ngo from UQ's Faculty of Medicine analyzed information from much than 250,000 patients admitted for AF and atrial flutter – a intimately related information – to each nationalist and astir backstage hospitals successful Australia and New Zealand betwixt 2008 and 2017.

AF is nan astir communal bosom hit upset and nan starring origin of heart-related hospitalizations globally, causing symptoms for illustration palpitations, dizziness, and thorax pain.

The upset is intimately associated pinch stroke, but we cognize overmuch little astir nan consequence of recurrent hospitalizations and different consequences specified arsenic bosom nonaccomplishment aliases death.

Unfortunately, we recovered only 55.2 per cent of patients hospitalized pinch atrial fibrillation survived beyond a decade."

Dr. Linh Ngo from UQ's Faculty of Medicine

Dr Ngo said while immoderate of those deaths were attributable to co-existing conditions, nan investigation showed AF reduced a patient's life expectancy connected mean by 2.6 years.

"At 10 years, 1 successful 10 patients had suffered a stroke, 1 successful 6 were hospitalized for bosom failure, and 41.2 per cent had been readmitted owed to recurrent atrial fibrillation aliases flutter," she said.

Co-author and cardiologist Associate Professor Isuru Ranasinghe from nan Prince Charles Hospital said nan investigation revealed astatine 10 years, little than 7 per cent of patients had catheter ablation procedure, 1 of nan astir effective treatments for patients pinch symptomatic atrial fibrillation.

"It whitethorn mean this process was underused successful Australian and New Zealand hospitals," Dr Ranasinghe said.

"Clinicians presently chiefly attraction connected preventing nan consequence of stroke, but these findings stress nan request to see atrial fibrillation arsenic a chronic illness pinch aggregate superior downstream consequences.

"There needs to beryllium a greater attraction connected preventing recurrent hospitalizations and bosom failure.

"The lit besides suggests galore patients astatine precocious consequence of a changeable neglect to person humor thinning medications, truthful existent preventative efforts are acold from ideal.

"Better diligent acquisition successful areas specified arsenic humor unit power and weight loss, arsenic good arsenic due preventative therapy successful infirmary and superior attraction could amended nan outcomes for group pinch AF."

The investigation paper is published in European Heart Journal.


Journal reference:

Ngo, L. T. H., et al. (2024). Long-term outcomes aft hospitalization for atrial fibrillation aliases flutter. European Heart Journal.