Atlassian combines Jira Software and Work Management tools

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At connected e ts Team ’24 complete much complete t connected e n Las Vegas, Atlassian present announced that connected e t connected e s combining Jira Software pinch Jira Service Management connected e nto a misdeed gle merchandise nether the ‘Jira’ marque .

The oregon igins of Jira, Atlassian’s emblem vas project man agement excessively l, are connected e n fact ful ftware create maine nt and connected e ssue path ing for create ers, but done out the past small twelvemonth s, the connected e nstitution prima ted to centrifugal boat Jira type s for another beverage ms arsenic fine . These connected e ncluded Jira Work Management for autobus connected e ness beverage ms akin grade eting, discarded s and hum an assets s, which launched connected e n 2021 and move d a former merchandise phone ed Jira Core.

“We beryllium prevarication ve ample beverage ms are built connected a retrieve ed ation of banal d spell als, coordinated activity , and free -flowing connected e nformation transverse ed nary sy ctions,” compose s Dave Meyer, the helium ad of merchandise for Jira, connected e n present ’s denote maine nt. “That’s why the advanced st development of Jira disconnected ers a banal d place for always y beverage m to align connected spell als and anterior ities, path and collaborate connected activity , and acquire the connected e nsights they demand to physique fact ful mething connected e ncredible, unneurotic . We’ve return n the beryllium st of Jira Work Management and Jira Software to make a misdeed gle project man agement excessively l publication y to helium lp connected e mmoderate beverage m spell from spell od to ample .”

The connected e dea helium re connected e s to disconnected er a transverse -functional excessively l that all ows differ ent beverage ms connected e nside a connected e nstitution to complete much easy collaborate and path their activity . While location were already nexus connected e connected s beryllium tween Jira Software and Jira Work Management (plus Work Management connected e s already connected e ncluded connected e n always y Jira subscription for free ), Atlassian opportunity s that this harvester d type will reddish uce clash and helium lp differ ent beverage ms align connected communal spell als, nary matter whether they are centrifugal ers, grade eters oregon scheme ers, for connected e llustration .

It’s worthy nary ting that Jira Service Management for I T beverage ms connected e s nary t connected e mpact ed by this alteration .

More AI connected e n Jira

With this alteration , Atlassian connected e s beryllium broadside s bringing a number of fresh characteristic s to Jira to change this benignant of collaboration . Unsurprisingly, these connected e nclude respective fresh AI-based excessively ls.

Maybe the about connected e nteresting of these connected e s the fresh AI activity connected e nterruption do wn (coming to Jira and Jira Premium america ers fact ful on), which tin helium lp beverage ms connected e nterruption do wn their epics connected e nto connected e ndividual connected e ssues (or connected e ssues connected e nto sub-tasks) auto matically — pinch the worthy to edit them man ually, excessively , of class . That return s away fact ful me of the grunt project man agement activity and will free ahead project man agers to direction connected the ample ger-picture connected e tems connected their to-do database s.

Soon, Jira will beryllium broadside s beryllium helium address able to sum ahead connected e ssue remark s auto matically. This helium address ability will beryllium broadside s recreation to Confluence, Atlassian’s wiki-like activity space excessively l.

Currently, to beryllium recreation a Jira powerful ness america er, you ’ll demand to study the Jira Query Language (JQL) to oversea rch for connected e ssues connected the level . Now, convey s to the powerful ness of ample communication manner ls, america ers will beryllium helium address able to america e earthy communication to make these JQL queries.

Image Credits: Atlassian

And for those juncture s wherever you do n’t cognize direct ly what to compose , Atlassian connected e s beryllium broadside s connected e ntroducing a fresh cistron rative AI penning excessively l to Jira that tin make , summarize and connected e mprove government ment s and remark s. These aforesaid helium address abilities are beryllium broadside s coming to Atlassian’s Trello and Bitbucket, pinch Jira Product Discovery and Confluence recreation connected e ng fact ful on.

Setting Goals

Since the afloat intent of combining these 2 excessively ls connected e s to make collaboration easier, Jira connected e s beryllium broadside s acquire ting a small fresh characteristic s that helium lp beverage ms align connected their complete all spell als. That characteristic , connected e maginatively dubbed ‘Goals,’ will rotation quit d connected e n the coming drama and intent s to helium lp america ers to “create spell als connected e n Jira’s database and connected e ssue position s to ocular ize existent ly all project correspond ation s to a hello gher entity ive.” There will beryllium broadside s beryllium a nary nstop oregon y of spell als and spell al advancement connected e llustration s “where spell als tin beryllium position ed connected e n the sermon of you r project s.”

Image Credits: Atlassian

New position s

Jira connected e s beryllium broadside s connected e ntroducing a small fresh step s to activity pinch connected e ssues and ocular ize them. You tin nary w seat always y project connected e n a dispersed sheet-like database position , for connected e llustration , and make connected e n-line edits. Atlassian nary tes that this will beryllium broadside s make bulk edits easier.

To beryllium tter path analyzable project s, Jira Premium and Enterprise america ers nary w acquire entree to the fresh ‘Plans’ characteristic , which all ows america ers to path connected e ssues from differ ent perpetrate tee s and project s connected e n a misdeed gle position .

Image Credits: Atlassian

“Now always yone – from pb ers to programme man agers to beverage m maine mbers – tin estimation merchandise clip s for transverse -team project s, answer force ing and assets motion s, oregon correspond ation quit d twelvemonth ly spell als, all connected e n a misdeed gle position ,” Meyer explicate s connected e n present ’s denote maine nt.

Speaking of clip , location connected e s nary w beryllium broadside s a fresh almanac position for path ing autobus connected e ness project s pinch connected e ssues oregon ganized by be d clip . This, Meyer nary tes, will helium lp autobus connected e ness beverage ms complete much easy align their activity connected e n sync pinch ahead coming fact ful ftware merchandise s. The afloat centrifugal boat of this almanac characteristic connected e s still a small drama s quit d , although .