AT&T informs users of data breach and resets millions of passcodes

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What was down nan monolithic AT&T outage

A look astatine what caused nan monolithic AT&T outage nationwide 02:34

AT&T said it has begun notifying millions of customers astir nan theft of individual information precocious discovered online.

The telecommunications elephantine said Saturday that a dataset recovered connected nan "dark web" contains accusation specified arsenic Social Security numbers for astir 7.6 cardinal existent AT&T relationship holders and 65.4 cardinal erstwhile relationship holders.

The institution said it has already reset nan passcodes of existent users and will beryllium communicating pinch relationship holders whose delicate individual accusation was compromised.

It is not known if nan information "originated from AT&T aliases 1 of its vendors," nan institution said successful a statement. The compromised information is from 2019 aliases earlier and does not look to see financial accusation aliases telephone history, it said. In summation to passcodes and Social Security numbers, it whitethorn see email and mailing addresses, telephone numbers and commencement dates.

It is not nan first situation this twelvemonth for nan Dallas-based company. 

New York prosecutors said they are opening an investigation into a wireless web outage successful February that left thousands of AT&T customers across nan U.S. without cellphone work for astir 12 hours.

The outage, which besides affected immoderate Consumer Cellular, T-Mobile, UScellular and Verizon subscribers, led to wide vexation by telephone users and concisely disrupted 911 work successful immoderate communities. 

AT&T apologized for nan web disruption and offered a $5 in installments to customers.

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