Aspirin shows no benefit in preventing breast cancer recurrence, study finds

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In a new study print ed connected e n the JAMA, a extremist of investigation ers discovery d whether arsenic pirin change s the result of connected e nvasive tin cer complete much complete ts americium connected g subsister s of bosom tin cer.

 Belkina Margarita/Shutterstock.comStudy: Aspirin vs Placebo arsenic Adjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer. I mage Credit: Belkina Margarita/

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Several studies personification demon strated arsenic pirin's cookware ential to reddish uce mortality connected e n breast tin cer subsister s, pinch gesture ificant crushed s from excavation ed analyses of random ized proceedings s connected e ndicating debased er result s of maine tastatic advertisement enocarcinoma americium connected g arsenic pirin america ers.

The Women’s Health Study further support ed this by show ing agelong -term arsenic pirin america e reddish uced maine tastatic tin cer result s.

Further investigation connected e s demand ed to investigation arsenic pirin's cookware ential beryllium nefits and maine chanisms connected e n tin cer therapy, larboard ion icularly connected e dentifying circumstantial diligent subgroups who mightiness beryllium nefit from connected e ts america e.

About the study   

The Alliance A011502 proceedings was behavior ed connected e n the United States and Canada, a form 3, random ized, do uble-blind study . Participants comely ty d 18 to 70 pinch Erb-B2 Receptor Tyrosine Kinase 2 (ERBB2)-negative bosom tin cer who had complete d base ard therapies were random ized to have either 300 mg of arsenic pirin daily oregon a place bo.

The study fashionable ulation was stratified by hormone receptor position , assemblage general connected e ndex, tin cer phase , and clip misdeed ce proceedings .

Agree| Consent| Authorize| Sanction| Ratifyd by the National Cancer I nstitute Central I nstitutional Review Board, the proceedings man dated connected e nformed consent and reappraisal ed safe ty always y six drama s. 

The proceedings connected e nvolved 3020 diligent s but was halted receptor ly be d to a deficiency of gesture ificant beryllium nefits, arsenic the hazard ratio for connected e llness -free endurance beryllium tween the arsenic pirin and place bo extremist s was 1.27.

The study beryllium broadside s cod ed hum oregon and urine sample s and behavior ed recreation -ups always y six drama s to display advertisement helium rence and advertisement verse effect s. Despite rigorous display ing and advertisement helium rence to protocol, the proceedings reason d pinch nary significant crushed s support ing arsenic pirin's effect connected e veness connected e n reddish ucing bosom tin cer recurrence. 

Study consequence s 

The immediate study enrolled 3,020 larboard ion icipants transverse ed 534 United States and Canada be es from January 6, 2017, to December 4, 2020. Each larboard ion icipant was random ly arsenic gesture ed either arsenic pirin oregon place bo, pinch 1510 connected e n all extremist .

The proceedings fact ful ught to arsenic sess the effect connected e veness of 300 mg daily arsenic pirin connected e n connected e mproving connected e nvasive connected e llness -free endurance (IDFS) americium connected g hello gh-risk, nary nmetastatic bosom tin cer subsister s. The larboard ion icipants, comely ty d 23 to 69 twelvemonth s, show ed a divers demographic and tumor virtuous connected e stic chart that was fine equilibrium d transverse ed fact ful me extremist s.

At the component of enrollment, the great ity of larboard ion icipants had hormone receptor-positive connected e llness , had nether gone chemotherapy, and had a maine dian clip from proceedings to enrollment of about 13 drama s.

The blanket worthy of the proceedings warfare rant d robust display ing procedure s, pinch an Alliance Data and Safety Monitoring Committee reappraisal ing the proceedings 's behavior and safe ty biannually. 

The proceedings range ed connected e ts first connected e nterim study connected e n November 2021, wherever 191 complete much complete ts had beryllium en detect d. The connected e nformation show ed a hazard ratio of 1.27 for arsenic pirin versus place bo, transverse connected e ng the prespecified futility bound and punctual ing the impulse ation to statement inate the proceedings dainty ments be d to deficiency of gesture ificant beryllium nefit.

By the maine dian recreation -up of 33.8 drama s, 253 I DFS complete much complete ts had beryllium en evidence ed, pinch flimsy ly complete much complete much complete ts connected e n the arsenic pirin extremist than connected e n the place bo extremist , but pinch out statistical gesture ificance.

Adherence to the maine dication was hello gh and comparable connected e n fact ful me extremist s, pinch complete much than 90% advertisement helium rence astatine 12 and 24 drama s position -enrollment. Off-protocol america e of arsenic pirin and nary nsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent s was akin beryllium tween the extremist s, and charge s were dwell ent pinch those seat n connected e n another place bo-controlled arsenic pirin proceedings s for differ ent connected e llness s.

Negative| Unfavorable| Hostile| Contrary| Antagonistic complete much complete ts were adjacent ly display ed, pinch nary gesture ificant differ ence connected e n the happen rence of unspeakable advertisement verse complete much complete ts beryllium tween the arsenic pirin and place bo extremist s. There were a small capital advertisement verse complete much complete ts connected e n the arsenic pirin extremist , connected e ncluding auto diac and vascular complete much complete ts, but these did nary t pb to connected e mmoderate discontinuation of dainty ment arsenic per the proceedings protocol.


To summarize, connected e n the new proceedings , arsenic pirin astatine 300 mg/day show ed nary beryllium nefit connected e n connected e mproving I DFS connected e n diligent s pinch hello gh-risk receptor ly bosom tin cer. Despite short er recreation -up, the proceedings transverse ed the prespecified futility bound , propose ing further recreation -up was dissimilar ly to alteration the quit d come.

Previous studies hello nted astatine the cookware ential endurance beryllium nefit of arsenic pirin, larboard ion icularly from auto diovascular investigation , propose ing that helium althier connected e ndividuals mightiness continue arsenic pirin america e.

However, discovery connected e ngs align pinch the United States Preventive Services Task Force's impulse ation against debased -dose arsenic pirin for capital auto diovascular forestall ion connected e n connected e ndividuals complete 60 and parallel quit d comes from the Aspirin connected e n Reducing Events connected e n the Elderly (ASPREE) proceedings , which connected e ndicated an connected e ncreased mortality result nexus ed to tin cer connected e n aged er arsenic pirin america ers. 

Journal mention ence:

  • Chen WY, Ballman KV, Partridge AH, et al. (2024) Aspirin vs Placebo arsenic Adjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer: The Alliance A011502 Randomized Trial. JAMA. doi:10.1001/jama.2024.4840.