Asimov achieves 10x improvement in lentiviral production, launches new stable cell line development service

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Asimov, nan synthetic biology institution advancing nan creation and manufacture of therapeutics, coming announced nan description of its LV Edge System pinch nan motorboat of a afloat unchangeable compartment statement improvement service. There are now 2 ways for customers to entree Asimov’s compartment statement exertion to minimize costs and manufacturing risk, depending connected their needs:

  • The LV Edge Packaging System, launched earlier this year, which enables a azygous plasmid transfection that achieves E8 TU/mL.
  • The new, fully-stable LV Edge Producer compartment statement improvement service, which generates clones that execute E9 TU/mL pinch nary transient transfection required.

The LV Edge Producer System wholly eliminates GMP plasmid costs and greatly reduces process complexity and variability by stably integrating each nan genes for lentiviral accumulation into nan big cell.

Current processes for lentiviral accumulation are inherently scale-limited and adaptable owed to nan request for multi-plasmid transient transfection. Furthermore, nan reliance connected GMP plasmids and transfection reagents substantially increases costs and introduces proviso concatenation and merchandise variability risks. The improvement of a afloat unchangeable compartment statement exertion enables scalable, reproducible and low-cost accumulation of lentivirus, which will unlock applications for larger therapeutic indications.

LV Edge Producer Cell Lines execute E9 TU/mL unconcentrated lentiviral titers for clinically applicable chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) transgenes. The work takes little than 6 months from series transportation to a stable, clonal compartment statement and is performed successful Asimov’s Boston compartment statement improvement facility.

We developed nan LV Edge System to reside nan rising request for scalable lentiviral production. Today’s motorboat expands nan LV Edge portfolio, allowing therapeutic developers to take betwixt an off-the-shelf azygous plasmid packaging strategy they tin usage successful their ain lab, aliases a plasmid free compartment statement improvement work performed by Asimov, achieving industry-leading titers successful some cases. These advances were made imaginable by integrating mammalian synthetic biology, computational models, and our creation package (Kernel), furthering our extremity of democratizing state-of-the-art familial creation capabilities to our partners.

Alec Nielsen, Co-founder and CEO, Asimov

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