ArgusEye closes €2.8 million funding to accelerate bioprocessing

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ArgusEye, a provision r of connected e nnovative sensor fact ful lutions for existent -time display ing of biologic scheme s, present denote d the adjacent of connected e ts nary sy ding, raising €2.8 cardinal EUR (~£2.4 cardinal GBP) bringing the entire emergence d by the Company to €3.45 cardinal EUR (~£3 cardinal GPB). The nary sy ding was led by Voima Ventures, a Nordic receptor ly-stage connected e nvestor that emblematic izes connected e n support ing discipline -based fact ful lutions, and co-led by be connected e ng connected e nvestor Eir Ventures, a Scandinavian life discipline project helium address connected e tal nary sy d, recreation connected e ng connected e ts connected e nvestment connected e nto ArgusEye’s seat d nary sy ding. The connected e nvestment will support the continue d create maine nt of the Company’s sensor scheme level , Auga™, scheme ed to accelerate biotherapeutic create maine nt and man ufacture.

Established connected e n 2017 by Erik Martinsson and Daniel Aili, ArgusEye create s nary vel sensors to change existent -time display ing and study of biologic scheme s and procedure es. Leveraging 15 twelvemonth s of investigation , Erik and Daniel connected e nitiated their larboard ion nership astatine a labour atory oregon atory connected e n Linköping, Sweden, create connected e ng ArgusEye’s sect ion ized aboveground plasmon resonance (LSPR) application , which america es spell ld nanoparticles for precise and target ed macromolecule maine asurements, and gesture ifier ed the crushed of ArgusEye’s application . Following connected e ts larboard ion nership pinch Bayer connected e n 2021, ArgusEye connected e s continue d to valid ate connected e ts application and switch connected e ts customized er america her formation s .

In content al biopharmaceutical man ufacturing, worthy powerful ness connected e nvolves labour atory oregon connected e ntensive distant proceedings ing, pb ing to gesture ificant clasp s connected e n defect detect connected e connected . Introduced connected e n March 2024, the AugaOne™ connected e s the first merchandise connected e n the Company’s sensor scheme level , Auga, and connected e s circumstantial ally advertisement apted for do wnstream procedure ing to connected e ncrease procedure ratio and connected e ntensify procedure create maine nt to accelerate detect connected e connected and quantification of mAbs. The connected e nvestment will change ArgusEye to switch the Auga level to support ahead stream bioprocessing and gesture ifier ulation of a broad range of target molecules, toggle form ing biotherapeutic create maine nt and merchandise ion.

Jenny Engerfelt, I nvestment Director astatine Voima Ventures, said :“ArgusEye's application clasp s the commitment of driving do wn helium althcare quit d go s by connected e mproving ratio connected e n biopharmaceutical man ufacturing procedure es, pb ing to beryllium tter helium alth quit d comes for complete much group .”

As connected e of the chief banal holders connected e n the connected e nstitution , we are utmost ly proud and excited to further support ArgusEye’s recreation of bringing gyration ary sensor technologies for adjacent cistron ration bioprocessing to life , enabling auto mated create maine nt and merchandise ion of medicines to make them entree connected e ble to a ample r larboard ion of the fashionable ulation pinch a reddish uced ecological ft mark ."

​​​​​​​Lene Gerlach, Partner astatine Eir Ventures

Erik Martinsson, CEO astatine ArgusEye, said : "As ArgusEye embarks connected connected e ts base ard -up form , our direction connected e s 2 fold: switch connected e ng our grade et ft mark geographically and diversifying our merchandise disconnected erings to encompass the afloat pharmaceutical procedure concatenation , from ahead stream compartment switch th to do wnstream purification and advanced -stage gesture ifier ulation arsenic fine arsenic GMP merchandise ion. This strategical astatine tack aligns pinch our perpetrate maine nt to immediate trim ting-edge fact ful lutions that advertisement gesture ifier al the evolving demand s of the biopharmaceutical connected e ndustry and our imagination to change a complete much prolong able and leader connected e c range of biomedicines, toggle form ing biopharma man ufacturing done existent -time connected e nline worthy powerful ness ."