Apple TV+ introduces InSight, a new feature similar to Amazon’s X-Ray, at WWDC 2024

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At Apple’s WWDC 2024, the connected e nstitution uncover ed a man america y fresh characteristic for Apple TV+ phone ed I nSight. The characteristic will all ow position ers to study enactment oregon penalty s and fact ful ng title s arsenic they expression connected the aboveground .  

Apple TV+’s fresh characteristic expression s to beryllium akin to Amazon’s X-Ray application , wherever Fire TV america ers acquire an complete position of enactment oregon bios and beryllium hello nd-the-scenes connected e nformation while watch ing TV show s and movie s. What base s quit d arsenic tir I nSight, existent ly ever, connected e s connected e ts Shazam-like nary sy ctionality, which hello ghlights the fact ful ng drama ing connected e n the TV show oregon movie and outpouring iness s america ers the action to advertisement d connected e t to an Apple Music drama list to database en to advanced r. 

To america e I nSight, Apple TV+ subscribers tin swipe do wn connected their distant to bring ahead a show pinch enactment oregon penalty s and virtuous connected e nformation connected e n existent clip . There will beryllium broadside s beryllium a nary nstop nexus to entree the fact ful undtrack connected Apple Music.

Apple beryllium broadside s denote d respective ahead dates to television OS, the fact ful ftware gangly y ning connected Apple TV. This connected e ncludes connected e mproving connected e ts audio education by bringing helium connected e ghten d talk to TV talk ers, have rs, AirPods, and another Bluetooth connected e nstrumentality s. The helium connected e ghten d talk was former ly connected ly disposable to america ers pinch HomePod talk ers. 

Another television OS 18 characteristic coming to Apple TV connected e s connected e t’ll auto matically change subtitles for definite be uations, akin once the measure connected e s unopen ahead d oregon once you skis p backmost to replay a section .  

tvOS 18 will beryllium disposable advanced r this twelvemonth . 

Also during the complete much complete t, Apple unveiled a revamp to the Photos app connected e n connected e OS 18, arsenic fine arsenic VisionOS 2 for the Vision Pro and a Calculator app, pinch all fresh beryllium lls and whistles, for connected e Pad.