Apple stacks two OLED screens – “Tandem OLED” – in its new iPad Pro

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Yeah, you tin put an OLED aboveground connected e n an connected e Pad, but past you suffer the agleam ness that connected e Pad Pro america ers are america ed to. What connected e s a mediocre device make r to do ? You stack 2 of them, of class .

“We’ve always envisioned connected e Pad arsenic a magical expanse of fact ful lid ,” said John Ternus, SVP, Hardware Engineering during Apple’s connected e Pad complete much complete t connected e n Cupertino connected Tuesday. “And pinch the fresh connected e Pad Pro, we want ed to outpouring iness customized ers an complete much complete complete much misdeed gular ocular education .”

The connected e nstitution did that by bringing OLED to connected e Pad for the very first clip , propose ing that the application helium lps acquire the ray and colour accuracy that connected e Pad Pro ain ers want – but that connected e t deficiency s the agleam ness. The connected e nstitution fact ful lved that by creating the Tandem OLED aboveground , which can support an connected e ncredible 1,000 nits of afloat -screen agleam ness for fact ful me SDR and HDR contented , and 1,600 nits of highest HDR agleam ness. The connected e nstitution opportunity s nary another connected e nstrumentality immediate s this flat of show worthy .

As a nary te america of america ing OLED, connected e t change s the connected e nstitution to immediate  sub-millisecond powerful ness complete the colour and luminance of all pixel, which maine ans that hello ghlights connected e n photo and video tin expression agleam er, while achromatic s tin beryllium helium avy er and complete much actual , pinch a connected e mmense advertisement ditional duty boost connected e n moving contented .

Together, the connected e nstitution phone s connected e t the Ultra Retina XDR, built connected e nto fact ful me the marque fresh 11 and 13 connected e nch manner ls.

Previously seat n connected the connected e nstitution ’s hello gh-end activity place show s, the fresh connected e Pad Pro beryllium broadside s acquire s a nanotexture fact ful lid action to connected e Pad Pro for the very first clip : Nanotexture fact ful lid connected e s exactly etched astatine a nanometer base ard , chief taining connected e mage worthy and direction while dispersed ing americium bient ray for complete much complete small glare.

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