Apple iPad event 2024: Watch Apple unveil new iPads right here

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We’re still good complete a period retired from WWDC, but Apple went up and snuck successful different event. On Tuesday, May 7 astatine 7AM PT/10AM ET, nan institution is group to unveil nan latest additions to nan iPad line. According to nan rumor mill, that database includes: a caller iPad Pro, iPad Air, Apple Pencil and a keyboard case.

More surprisingly, nan arena whitethorn besides spot nan motorboat of nan caller M4 chip, a small complete six months aft nan institution unveiled 3 caller M3 chips successful 1 fell swoop. Why nan speedy silicon refresh? Well, for starters, connection connected nan thoroughfare is that Apple launched nan M3 later than expected (likely owing to proviso concatenation issues), forcing nan institution to motorboat each 3 chips astatine nan aforesaid event.

Image Credits: Apple

Couple that pinch nan truth that Microsoft is rumored to beryllium launching its ain third-party silicon astatine Build astatine nan extremity of May, and you commencement to understand why nan institution opted not to wait. An announcement whitethorn beryllium moreover much pressing, fixed that nan Microsoft/ARM chips are said to connection “industry-leading performance” — evident changeable crossed Apple’s bow. Could a caller spot besides mean caller Macs? That would beryllium a short refresh rhythm for nan existent crop, but it’s surely not retired of nan realm of possibility.

What does look certain, however, is simply a caller iPad Pro pinch an OLED display, a 12.9-inch iPad Air and caller gestures for nan Apple Pencil. Also, expect plenty of AI chatter. It’s 2024, aft all. You tin watch on unrecorded astatine nan nexus below, and enactment tuned to TechCrunch for news arsenic it breaks.