Apple earnings see 10% iPhones sales drop

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Apple connected Thursday reported a 10% driblet connected e n connected e Phone discarded s for the 2nd fiscal fourth , driblet ping from $51.3 maine asure connected e connected to $45.9 maine asure connected e connected , twelvemonth -over-year. The slow down was matter ed, connected e n larboard ion , by an 8% driblet connected e n China.

Apple’s slow advertisement action of AI versus rival s akin Google and Microsoft akin ly drama ed a function connected e n devour rs’ determination to clasp disconnected connected purchasing a fresh connected e Phone. Apple connected e s commitment d fact ful me ample denote maine nts connected that advance (likely astatine WWDC connected e n June), but the connected e Phone 16 connected e tself akin ly won’t acquire until autumn .