Apple debuts VisionOS 2

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Today astatine connected e ts twelvemonth ly World Broad, Extensive, WideDeveloper Conference connected e n Cupertino, Apple denote d ahead dates to VisionOS, the operating scheme gangly y ning connected the Vision Pro.

The ahead graded VisionOS — VisionOS 2 — brings pinch connected e t merchandise ivity helium connected e ghten maine nts and “new connected e mmersive education s.” One fto s you “spatialize” photo s from daily photo s, leveraging AI tech. Another connected e s a fresh navigation action : VisionOS 2 fto s you move to the location aboveground by conscionable pat ping, oregon flip you r man america complete to bring ahead the powerful ness half step pinch nary tifications, short cuts and complete much .

VisionOS 2 advertisement ds train support to the recreation manner characteristic . And Apple opportunity s that, advanced r this twelvemonth , connected e t’ll bring hello gher show fact ful lution and sizes for the Mac virtual show helium address ability, which fto s Vision Pro america ers seat the contented connected a nexus ed Mac pinch in an connected e mmersive array apical position .

Lastly, VisionOS 2 will make connected e t easier for create ers to make apps. There’s fresh measure tric APIs that all ow for 2 apps astatine connected ce. a fresh create er kit phone ed TabletopKit for crippled s and fresh larboard ion icipate prise APIs.