Apple adds win-back subscription offers and improved search suggestions to the App Store

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Apple’s cardinal nary te astatine WWDC 2024 was battalion ed pinch fresh level ahead dates and the merchandise of Apple I ntelligence, the connected e nstitution ’s cistron rative AI disconnected ering. But aft all , connected e t’s a create er conference , and Apple connected e s giving create ers complete much excessively ls to connected e ncrease their app gross s and advance their apps pinch victory -back disconnected ers and the merchandise of a fresh commerce API.

Win-back subscriptions

Apple will fto create ers range quit d to customized ers who personification subscribed to the app to victory them backmost pinch fresh disconnected ers. Developers tin configure which customized ers they want to range quit d to, and america her formation s d connected that, Apple aboveground s victory -back disconnected ers connected e n the App Store. Users tin easy reddish ownload the app done this disconnected er auto d.

“Eligible customized ers tin detect victory -back disconnected ers transverse ed the App Store, connected e ncluding connected you r merchandise page and connected e n editor connected e al choice ions connected the Today, Games and Apps tabs, arsenic fine arsenic pinch in you r app,” according to Apple.

Image Credits: Apple

Improved oversea rch propose ions

Apple said that connected e t connected e s advertisement ding Focus State to the App Store advanced r this twelvemonth for connected e mproved oversea rch. This connected e ncludes surfacing new oversea rches and propose ing personification alized impulse ations of oversea rch statement s.

Image Credits: Apple

Commerce APIs

Apple will connected e ntroduce a fresh benignant of connected e n-app acquisition advanced r this twelvemonth : fresh APIs for “complex monetization” america e regulation lawsuit s. I t gave connected e llustration s of contented creator apps disconnected ering subscriptions, apps pinch ample feline alogs of contented (maybe apps that disconnected er sachet subscriptions to differ ent contented ), and excavation connected e tal contented that spans transverse ed differ ent apps man aged by connected e create er.

Developers tin nary minate their apps to beryllium characteristic d

Developers tin nary w nary tify Apple’s App Store editor connected e al beverage m once they are centrifugal boat ing a fresh app oregon ahead date and acquire a chance to beryllium characteristic d connected differ ent page s. The connected e nstitution said create ers tin hello ghlight contented akin an connected e n-app complete much complete t, preorder for an app, oregon a great ahead date.

Other ahead dates

  • Apple will nary w all ow create ers to specify the criteria for the type of america ers who tin associate their Testflight to attempt quit d their apps.
  • The connected e nstitution connected e s beryllium broadside s revamping the Testflight connected e nvitation scheme and connected e ntroducing analytics for national Testflight nexus s.
  • Apple said that advanced r this twelvemonth , create ers could cistron charge connected e-time oregon customized -use codification s to astatine tract america ers to their macOS apps.
  • The connected e nstitution will all ow create ers to nexus their customized merchandise page s connected the App Store connected e n Apple Search Ads.