Antioxidant-rich diets linked to better life quality in young women with acne

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A recent Nutrients journal study investigates whether dietary antioxidants influence the quality of life (QoL) of young women with acne vulgaris (AV).

Study: The Antioxidant Power of a Diet May Improve nan Quality of Life of Young Women pinch Acne Vulgaris. Image Credit: Jacob Lund /

What causes AV?

AV is simply a chronic tegument illness that chiefly develops during adolescence; however, successful immoderate cases, AV besides persists into adulthood. Approximately 9% of nan world organization is affected by AV.

Some of nan characteristic features of AV see pustules, papules, nodules, and scars. In most individuals, acne occurs connected nan face and negatively impacts intelligence wellness and wide QoL. Therefore, a holistic intervention is crucial to alleviate acne's beingness and psychological consequences.

Previous studies person identified respective factors that whitethorn beryllium progressive in the pathophysiology of acne, including age, sedentary lifestyle, gender, and diet. Hormonal, inflammatory, environmental, and familial factors person besides been shown to lend to AV. 

Regular depletion of a vegetarian diet, Mediterranean diet, prebiotics, dietary probiotics, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber, and nutrient pinch debased glycemic scale person been shown to trim acne lesions. In contrast, ultra-processed foods pinch precocious levels of sugar, saturated fatty acids, and beverage whitethorn summation acne lesions. Therefore, eating habits successful young individuals could beryllium correlated with AV; however, much investigation is needed to elucidate the domiciled of fare successful nan manifestation of AV.

Oxidative accent plays a important domiciled successful nan pathogenesis of AV. Although a mini magnitude of reactive oxygen type (ROS) is essential for due immune functioning, overproduction has been linked with compartment harm that whitethorn origin tegument disease. Dietary antioxidants, specified arsenic vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols, can alleviate oxidative stress.

About nan study

The existent study evaluated nan narration betwixt nan dietary antioxidant value scale (DAQI) and nan QoL of young women pinch AV. A full of 165 young women pinch AV betwixt 18 and 35 years of property were included successful nan study. All participants adhered to a regular fare of 500-5000 kcal. 

At baseline, sociodemographic, lifestyle, and acne information were collected from each study participants. The height, education, marital status, assemblage weight, smoking, and intoxicant depletion position of nan participants were also obtained. The levels of beingness activity ranging from debased to mean to precocious strength were wished utilizing nan International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ).

Dietary intake was assessed based connected randomized three-day nutrient dairy, which comprised 2 weekdays and 1 play day. On nan selected days, nutrient depletion specifications were recorded. The quantities of calories, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and different dietary nutrients were calculated. 

The DAQI scale was used to assess dietary vitamin C, vitamin E, β-carotene, copper, manganese, iron, zinc, selenium, dietary antioxidant capacity, phytosterols, lignans, and polyphenols. The components of antioxidant enzymes, specified arsenic superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, and catalase, were besides evaluated.

Study findings

The mean property of nan participants was 23.6 years. Around 88% of nan cohort was single, and 65% had a mediate level of education.

Over 50% of nan study cohort struggled pinch AV for 2 to 5 years, pinch immoderate experiencing AV for complete five years. About 9% of nan cohort had terrible acne.

AV was recovered to person a mean effect connected nan QoL of study participants, arsenic the Satisfaction pinch Life Scale (SWLS) trial revealed that these participants were averagely satisfied pinch their lives. Approximately 33% of nan study cohort exhibited signs of depression, arsenic measured by nan Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) test.

Although galore study participants had an mean BMI, drank intoxicant occasionally, and were progressive pinch mean beingness activity, a important number of participants performed debased levels of beingness activity, were obese, smoked cigarettes, and drank intoxicant erstwhile a week. Notably, astir participants' dietary antioxidants were beneath nan recommended levels.

Diet influences AV done nan gut microbiota, hormones, immune system, and carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Compared to developed countries with a precocious adherence to nan Western diet, processing countries exhibited a little prevalence of AV. 

Study participants pinch a higher DAQI had a healthier lifestyle, arsenic astir were non-smokers, had a little BMI, and performed mean beingness activity. Higher DAQI decreased nan consequence of AV and improved QoL by 30-33%.


Adherence to an antioxidant-rich diet reduced nan consequence of AV, which improved nan study participants' consequence of depression. In nan future, DAQI could be used as an parameter of fare value for patients pinch AV.

Journal reference:

  • Jankowska, B., and Zujko, M. E. (2024) The Antioxidant Power of a Diet May Improve nan Quality of Life of Young Women pinch Acne Vulgaris. Nutrients 16(9); 1270. doi:10.3390/nu16091270