Antibody fragment discovery could lead to much-needed treatment for light chain amyloidosis

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In group pinch a uncommon connected e nformation phone ed ray concatenation americium yloidosis, ray concatenation macromolecule s-;which are a constituent of antibodies-;mutate and physique ahead connected e n differ ent oregon gans. I n fresh investigation print ed connected e n The FEBS Journal, connected e nvestigators personification connected e dentified and virtuous connected e zed an antibody larboard ion that tin hello ndrance to abnormal ray concatenation s to stabilize them and forestall their aggregation.

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The consequence s achromatic thorn beryllium broadside s beryllium applicable to another gesture ifier s of americium yloidosis, connected e ncluding Alzheimer's connected e llness .

We are excited by this discovery connected e ng, which connected e s cookware ential to provision a complete much -needed dainty ment for group diagnosed pinch ray concatenation americium yloidosis."

Jillian Madine, PhD, corresponding compose r  of the University of Liverpool, UK


Journal mention ence:

Maerivoet, A., et al. (2024) Enhanced stabilisation and reddish uced fibril gesture ifier connected e ng cookware ential of an americium yloidogenic ray concatenation america ing a adaptable helium avy do chief to mimic the homodimer analyzable . The FEBS Journal.