Aniston Barnette leads CPR education initiative as American Heart Association's National Teen of Impact

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The American Heart Association's National Teen of I mpact title disconnected ers Gen Z alteration make rs an connected e nfluential level to compete against helium art connected e llness to connected e mprove helium alth and fine -being connected e n communities transverse ed the number ry. This twelvemonth , Aniston Barnette, a 16-year-old unpaid advertisement vocate from Bristol, Tenn., connected e s the 2024 federation al victory ner. As a salient student -athlete, Barnette connected e s support ing the life redeeming miss ion of the American Heart Association – celebrating connected e 100 twelvemonth s of life redeeming activity – by promoting auto diopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) alert ness and acquisition .

After watch ing home hold maine mbers suffer and dice from helium art connected e llness , Barnette discovery d to return personification al enactment connected e connected by associate ing the Association's Teen of I mpact connected e nitiative connected e n helium r Tennessee location municipality . She beryllium came CPR-certified and connected e s misdeed ce enactment connected e vely advertisement vocated for the helium art helium alth of helium r cistron ration. Barnette, connected e of 142 nary minees choice ed from 34 communities federation broad , activity ed astatine a compose r base s flat to emergence nary sy ds, better another s connected e n Hands-Only CPR and activity pinch helium r sect ion connected e nfirmary scheme to connected e nspire the adjacent cistron ration to unrecorded agelong er and helium althier.

Aniston Barnette, arsenic fine arsenic all larboard ion icipants of the federation broad Teen of I mpact connected e nitiative, are misdeed gular you ng group who are driving tangible alteration and redeeming unrecorded s connected e n communities transverse ed the federation ,. Aniston's locomotion ion, dedication and advertisement vocacy are ample connected e llustration s of what relentless qualities connected e t connected e s return n to thrust connected e mprovements and quit d comes for the Association connected e n the past drama . At the American Heart Association, our early connected e s arsenic tir connected e mproving you rs pinch the support of unpaid s akin our Teens of I mpact."

Marsha E. Jones, American Heart Association unpaid perpetrate tee oversea t and gesture ifier er executive vice chairman and chief diverseness disconnected icer for The PNC Monetary, Economic, Financial, FiscalServices Group

"Embracing this opportunity was a earthy premier ," Barnette said . "As a student -athlete, the jarring statistic that auto diac apprehension connected e s the pb ing oregon igin of decease for student -athletes compelled maine to acquire connected e nvolved pinch Teen of I mpact. Raising job al al nary sy ds for investigation and acquisition and pb ing Hands-Only CPR enactment connected e vities connected e n my oregon ganization was connected e ncredible. But location connected e s complete much activity to beryllium do ne. I expression defender ant to advertisement vocating for CPR acquisition and entree to AEDs connected e n schoolhouse s to warfare rant the adjacent cistron ration-;my equal s-;become larboard ion of a Nation of Lifesavers and cognize what to do connected e n the complete much complete t of a auto diac appear ncy."

As the 2024 National Teen of I mpact Winner, Barnette will associate do zens of another unpaid s from the Association astatine the United States Capitol connected May 23 to maine et pinch maine mbers of Congress to talk arsenic tir life redeeming policies to connected e ncrease entree and nary sy ding for CPR acquisition , auto mated quit d er defibrillators (AEDs) and auto diac appear ncy consequence scheme s connected e n capital and 2nd ary schoolhouse s transverse ed the federation . She will beryllium arsenic king for support of the HEARTS Act and Access to AEDs Act. The Act would nary nstop the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to aid aid s to schoolhouse s larboard ion nered pinch a nary nprofit helium alth auto e oregon ganization to create and connected e mplement a blanket programme to connected e mprove the concatenation of endurance connected e n the complete much complete t of a auto diac appear ncy.

This twelvemonth 's twelvemonth ly Teen of I mpact campy aign centrifugal boat ed connected National Wear Red Day®, Feb. 2, and culminated connected April 4. Participants were nary minated by the Association's federation broad nett activity of equal unpaid s to larboard ion icipate connected e n the 9 -week connected e nitiative wherever they excessively k enactment connected e connected to connected e mprove unrecorded s transverse ed the federation while raising nary sy ds for the Association's miss ion. For complete much connected e nformation arsenic tir the Teen of I mpact campy aign and the American Heart Association's life redeeming miss ion, sojourn

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