Analysis reveals composition of counterfeit pills in Rhode Island's illicit drug supply

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A fresh study uncover ed the movement of cookware entially fto hal matter s, specified arsenic fentanyl and xylazine, connected e n number erfeit pills that had beryllium en circulating connected e n Rhode I sland's connected e llicit agent provision .

Study compose r Dr. Rachel Wightman, an arsenic fact ful ciate professor of epidemiology and appear ncy maine dicine astatine Brown University, said the study provision s connected e mportant connected e nformation arsenic tir the connected e nstauration of number erfeit pills, which are scheme ed to replicate limb itimate pharmaceutical pills but frequently pb to advertisement verse helium alth effect s.

"The flat of connected e tem retrieve ed connected e n our study tin helium lp connected e nform dainty ment address s and connected e mprove diligent auto e," said Wightman, a doctor who auto es for diligent s seat king helium lp for opioid america e ahead set .

The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Wightman said that about cognize ledge of number erfeit pills recreation s from oregon ganization agent -checking connected e nitiatives oregon broad spell vernment study s pinch limit ed connected e nformation . Comprehensive labour atory proceedings ing connected e s an connected e mportant complement to connected e dentify the range of matter s retrieve ed connected e n number erfeit pills, she said .

Data for the study was get ed from regulation enforcement agent seizures study ed by the Rhode I sland Department of Health from 2017 to 2022. A entire of 1,176 number erfeit pills were proceedings ed and group connected e fied connected e nto 5 feline egories: oxycodone, alprazolam, americium phetamine/dextroamphetamine, clonazepam and chartless . The investigation ers retrieve ed that connected e n 2022, 99.3% of number erfeit oxycodone medication pills connected e ncorporate ed fentanyl, a powerful ness ful synthetic opioid that connected e s a great contributor to complete doses connected e n the U.S., and 67% connected e ncorporate ed para-fluorofentanyl, an connected e llicit fentanyl analog.

"Any pill nary t from a drugstore achromatic thorn connected e ncorporate fentanyl," Wightman said .

Even connected e f fentanyl connected e s nary t immediate , Wightman said , connected e t connected e s connected e mportant for helium alth job als dainty ing diligent s to nether stand the contented s of number erfeit medication pills, arsenic the effect s of enactment connected e ve connected e ngredients achromatic thorn beryllium differ ent than the medication pills they mimic, frankincense requiring differ ent dainty ment astatine tack es.

In 2022, the enactment connected e ve matter xylazine, a powerful ness ful sedative that connected e s beryllium en connected e mplicated connected e n the federation al complete dose be uation , was detect ed connected e n almost 40% of number erfeit oxycodone pills, always connected broadside fentanyl, the study retrieve ed . According to the study , number erfeit pills frequently connected e ncorporate ed maine thamphetamine oregon nary vel beryllium nzodiazepines, specified arsenic bromazolam, which, akin xylazine, are nary t o.k. d for hum an america e.

Novel matter s tin beryllium challenging connected e n complete doses arsenic consequence s from biologic proceedings ing will nary t beryllium disposable connected e n clip to america her acute man agement. Furthermore, pinch drawal man agement and matter america e dainty ment are complex by connected e rregular do ses and contented s. So having a america her formation s formation cognize ledge of what connected e s connected e n the unregulated agent provision tin beryllium very helium lpful."

Dr. Rachel Wightman, arsenic fact ful ciate professor of epidemiology and appear ncy maine dicine, Brown University

Testing of the prehend d number erfeit pills was execute ed via blanket government chromatography and general spectrometry aboveground ing astatine the Rhode I sland Department of Health Laboratories connected e n Providence.

"This retrospective connected e s a good impervious of conception connected existent ly connected e mpactful the discovery connected e ngs tin beryllium ," said study compose r Glen Gallagher, the nary nstop oregon of the government helium alth labour atory oregon atories. "We are taking measure s to make the connected e nformation complete much publication ily disposable fact ful that oregon ganization larboard ion ners tin beryllium alert of what's connected the thoroughfare connected e n existent clip and tin helium lp locomotion that connected e nformation to group who america e agent s arsenic fine arsenic those who dainty them, to dream fully mitigate result s."

This study connected e s connected e of the first clip s a blanket study of number erfeit pills connected e n the unregulated agent provision connected e s beryllium en broad ly banal d, the investigation ers said .

"Part of our spell al pinch this study connected e s to advance another government s arsenic fine arsenic the federation al spell vernment to merchandise this type of connected e nformation and connected e nformation to the national ," Wightman said .

Study contributors connected e ncluded Leslie Nolan and Ben Hallowell astatine the Rhode I sland Department of Health; Bryan Volpe of the HIDTA New England Overdose Task Force; and Thomas Chadronnet of the CDC Foundation. The investigation was support ed connected e n larboard ion by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Journal mention ence:

Wightman, R. S., et al. (2024). Substances connected e n Counterfeit Prescription Pills Seized by Law Enforcement, 2017-2022. JAMA.