Deskripsi Produk

MCB 40A 230V DIN Rail Under / Over Voltage Protector Auto Recovery

Alat memiliki fungsi pengaman voltase rumah yang sering mengalami naik turun. Bila voltase dibawah 170VAC atau diatas 270VAC maka secara otomatis alat ini akan memutus jalur kelistrikan sampai voltase kembali berada di ambang normal. Dengan alat ini peralatan di rumah anda akan terlindung dan terjaga dari bahaya terbakar karena voltase yang melebihi ambang batas.

The automatic recovery over voltage and under voltage protective device complies with modular design standards. the circuit boards of products adopt good quality electronic components with reliable performance. when the power situation is unstable. It's protection function will be automatically activated. once the voltage exceeds the limited range of products, it will automatically cut off so as to protect the safely of electrical equipment and persons. The device will re-supply after 1 minute, when the power returns to normal.
The green indicator display, when the power is normal supply.
The red indicator display, when the power over voltage or under voltage.
Installing: 35mm Din rail.

Main Technical Specification:
1. Rated AC voltage 230V10% and frequency 50Hz/60Hz
2. Passing Max Current: 40A
3. Max. Loading power: 8.8KVA
4. Over-voltage action cut-off value: >270VAC+/-5V
5. Normal-voltage value: 175-270VAC
6. Under-voltage action cut-off value: <170VAC+/-5V
7. Over voltage and under voltage cut-off:< 1s
8. Electricity transmitting delay after cut-off: <60s
9. Self power consumption<2W
10. Electric machinery life=100000 times
11. Dimension: 35L*70W*77Hmm
12. Installing: 35mm Din rail

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