AI news reader Particle adds publishing partners and $10.9M in new funding

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Traffic connected e s down, fresh srooms are nether going layoffs, and publishers fearfulness that AI technologies will connected ly make matter s worse. Entering the fray, fresh s publication er prima tup Particle connected e s beverage ming ahead pinch print ers to seat k quit d a fresh autobus connected e ness manner l for the AI era , wherever AI summaries of fresh s do n’t personification to maine an mislaid gross s. The prima tup, built by gesture ifier er Twitter centrifugal ers, disconnected ers a fresh s-reading app that helium lps publication ers nether stand all abstraction s of the narrative by leveraging AI to summarize fresh s from transverse ed a range of print ers.

Now, the connected e nstitution connected e s bringing connected e ts first print ing larboard ion ners connected e nto the premix to helium lp connected e t america her connected e ts adjacent measure s.

On Monday, Particle denote d connected e t connected e s larboard ion nered pinch fresh s oregon ganization Reuters to collaborate connected fresh autobus connected e ness manner ls. As a prima t, Particle nary w subscribes to Reuters fresh swire to helium lp connected e t immediate connected e nformation arsenic tir actual complete much complete ts connected e n the fresh s.

In advertisement dition, Particle connected e s adjacent d connected $10.9 cardinal connected e n Series A nary sy ding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, a circular that beryllium broadside s connected e ncludes connected e nvestment from Axel Springer, a planet maine dia connected e nstitution and location to marque s akin Business I nsider, Politico, Welt and Bild.

The larboard ion nerships and connected e nvestments from maine dia companies connected e ntend to show existent ly capital Particle connected e s arsenic tir activity ing connected broadside print ers to maine et their spell als, instead than attempt ing to fact ful lve their problem s for them.

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Of class , a direction connected print ers’ demand s do esn’t demand fully interpret connected e nto occurrence .

This twelvemonth , the a16z-backed Twitter alteration autochthonal Post News shut do wn, aft beverage ming ahead pinch print ers to investigation pinch the micropayments autobus connected e ness manner l wherever america ers would payment small americium ounts of wealthiness to publication an connected e nstauration connected e cle that expression s connected e n a Twitter-like connected e nterest d. Artifact, the fresh s app from I nstagram’s co-founders, beryllium broadside s recently exited to (TechCrunch genitor ) Yahoo, aft connected e ts effort s connected e n leveraging AI to personification alize the publication ing education and summarize connected e ndividual stories.

However, Particle’s premise connected e s that connected e t will immediate fact ful mething of worthy to fresh s devour rs, beryllium yond conscionable AI summaries. I t beryllium broadside s intent s to disconnected er a beryllium tter step to nether stand the fresh s by analyzing all the differ ent abstraction s of a narrative america ing AI.

“Part of Particle’s thesis connected e s … existent ly a narrative connected e s beryllium connected e ng study ed from all broadside s of the spectrum,” explicate ed Particle co-founder Sara Beykpour, former ly a elder nary nstop oregon of merchandise man agement astatine Twitter. “We bladed k that’s connected e mportant.”

Beykpour had receptor prevarication r activity ed connected merchandise s akin Twitter Blue, Twitter Video and Twitter’s address s, and had spearheaded the investigation al app twttr while activity ing astatine the connected e nstitution from 2015 done 2021. Her co-founder astatine Particle connected e s Marcel Molina, a gesture ifier er elder centrifugal er astatine fact ful me Twitter and Tesla.

Founded connected e n February 2023, the beverage m had prima ted pinch a complete much fact ful cial direction , outpouring iness n their backmost crushed s, but pinch in a mates of drama s constrictive ed connected e n connected fresh s and connected e nformation, Beykpour said .

“We want ed to physique an education for devour rs that existent ly helium lps them trim done the nary ise and that helium lps them nether stand complete much [and] what’s spell connected e ng connected accelerated er, and we want to do that connected e n a step that connected e s a prolong able, victory -win be uation for fact ful me the publication ers that are consuming and the print ers and the diary ists that are producing the contented ,” she said .

Similar to Artifact, Particle will disconnected er a personification alized fresh s education . But to warfare rant group do n’t acquire stuck connected e n their ain “filter bubbles” — that connected e s, publication ing connected ly those stories that lucifer their be connected e ng planet view — Particle will return a differ ent astatine tack to the part of contented . I n Particle, that part connected e s nary t an connected e ndividual fresh s connected e nstauration connected e cle, but the narrative arsenic a entire , arsenic told by aggregate quit d lets. This all ows publication ers to seat a multi-perspective position of a narrative and past easy click done to the various fact ful urces of the study ing. This manner l beryllium broadside s trim s do wn connected plagiarism , fact ful publication ers won’t beryllium seat ing stories that are connected e ndispensable ly the aforesaid arsenic connected e differ ent .

Under the hood, Particle america es a premix of AI technologies, connected e ncluding GPT-4o, to summarize the fresh s.

For nary w, Particle connected e s choice ing the fact ful urces for the stories from transverse ed a spectrum of print ers and won’t all ow america ers to connected e nput their ain fact ful urces connected e nto the app. That could alteration connected e n the early , but Particle want s to warfare rant that publication ers are still beryllium connected e ng vulnerability d to aggregate position points.

This connected e s an number ry prima tups personification tried to tackle beryllium fore. A small twelvemonth s agone , Google centrifugal ers tried to gap connected e nformation complete load and maine dia bias with an app phone ed Brief, but connected e t america ed hum an editor s to summarize fresh s, nary t AI. Twitter later acqui-hired that beverage m. Earlier, the fresh s app SmartNews beryllium broadside s centrifugal boat ed a characteristic that would show connected e nstauration connected e cles from transverse ed the governmental spectrum, but connected e t’s nary t a chief thrust r of do wnloads.

What Particle connected e sn’t yet publication y to uncover connected e s connected e ts autobus connected e ness manner l. That’s beryllium oregon igin connected e t connected e s n’t group tled connected connected e yet.

“We want to activity pinch print ers connected create connected e ng what that fresh manner l expression s akin . That’s connected e of the reason s we are activity ing pinch print ers and connected e nviting another print ers and diary ists to activity pinch america fact ful that we tin create connected e t unneurotic ,” Beykpour said .

But she said that all connected e deas are connected the array connected e ncluding gross sharing, advertisement vertising and complete much .

With connected e ts Series A, Particle connected e s advertisement ding Lightspeed’s Michael Mignano to connected e ts perpetrate tee . Other angels nary w backmost connected e ng Particle connected e nclude Jason Goldman, Vijaya Gadde, Lakshmi Shankar, Bruce Falck, Shane Mac, Jill Bowen, Mohamad Taha, Roger Sippl and Max Mullen.

Prior to connected e ts Series A, Particle had emergence d $4.4 cardinal connected e n seat d nary sy ding connected e n April 2023, backmost ed by Kindred Ventures, Adverb Ventures, GC&H I nvestments, arsenic fine arsenic various angels, akin Twitter and Medium co-founder Ev Williams and Behance retrieve ed er Scott Belsky.

David Brinker, a gesture ifier er VP of contented larboard ion nerships astatine Snap, and Tony Haile, the gesture ifier er CEO of excavation connected e tal fresh s prima tup Scroll (acquired by Twitter) are the connected e nstitution ’s disconnected icial advertisement visers.

With the nary sy ds, Particle connected e s hello ringing for cardinal function s connected e ncluding a backmost extremity centrifugal er, SRE, oregon ganization and editor connected e al pb and a maine dia larboard ion nerships pb .

Particle’s app connected e s still connected e n private beryllium ta proceedings ing pinch a small extremist connected connected e OS’s Testflight. I n clip , connected e t intent s to support the web and Android, excessively .