After spat with TikTok, UMG expands Spotify partnership to include music videos and more

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In nan aftermath of Universal Music Group’s (UMG) nationalist spat pinch TikTok, which saw nan explanation pulling its afloat catalog from nan video app earlier this year, nan institution is doubling down connected its woody pinch Spotify. On Thursday, UMG announced an description of its strategical narration pinch nan streaming euphony work that will attraction connected “music find and societal interaction” arsenic good arsenic enhanced instrumentality experiences. The summation of euphony videos is included among these caller features successful nan U.S.

Spotify precocious announced its plans to support euphony videos, saying successful March it would trial nan action successful beta successful 11 prime markets — which, astatine nan time, didn’t see nan U.S. Instead, nan characteristic was to beryllium supported successful Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, nan Netherlands, Poland, nan Philippines, Sweden, and nan U.K., nan institution said.

With nan UMG deal, U.S. users will besides person nan action of watching euphony videos alternatively of conscionable streaming audio. The companies didn’t authorities what information of UMG’s catalog would beryllium offered arsenic videos, nor did it sanction circumstantial high-profile artists whose videos would beryllium included.

Universal Music Publishing Group, however, includes a number of celebrated artists for illustration Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Bad Bunny, The Weeknd, SZA, Drake, Harry Styles, Kendrick Lamar, Adele, and others. That catalog of 4 cardinal songs was besides pulled from TikTok aft UMG grounded to renew its statement pinch nan video app.

As a portion of nan caller agreement, Spotify will besides present caller promotional and societal features to thief artists make excitement astir their caller releases. For instance, UMG artists will beryllium capable to stock teasers of upcoming songs and users will beryllium capable to pre-save euphony earlier a caller release.

The companies will research different collaborations connected features complete time, pinch further specifications still to come, UMG said successful an announcement.

“UMG has consistently been a progressive partner connected behalf of their artists and songwriters, contributing to our merchandise improvement efforts of experimental devices and adopting them early to thief artists guidelines out,” said Spotify laminitis and CEO Daniel Ek, successful a statement. “The forthcoming features will put much powerfulness successful nan hands of artists and their teams to thief them authentically definitive themselves, efficiently beforehand their work, and amended monetize their art,” he added.

The timing of nan deal, of course, is notable fixed nan play astir TikTok. In summation to facing a possible U.S. ban, nan short-form video app and UMG were incapable to travel to an statement complete TikTok’s usage of UMG’s music. As a result, TikTok had to region immoderate 3 cardinal songs owned aliases distributed by UMG by Jan. 31, 2024. Later, it besides had to region much songs that contained compositions controlled by UMG — that is, songs written aliases co-written by a songwriter signed to Universal Music Publishing Group.

By partnering pinch Spotify, UMG still has a measurement to beforehand its euphony to fans, moreover if its artists suffer nan expertise to marketplace themselves connected TikTok. In erstwhile years, nan nonaccomplishment of UMG’s euphony would person been a larger rustle to TikTok, but fixed nan app’s move distant from lip-syncing and dancing videos to much vlogs and long-form content, not to mention its arguable e-commerce push, nan effect whitethorn not beryllium arsenic profound.