After a year of turmoil, Harvard applications drop 5%

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Four New England universities apical $90,000 per twelvemonth starting this autumn

Four New England universities apical $90,000 per twelvemonth starting this fall 01:14

Harvard said it received 5% less undergraduate applications this twelvemonth compared pinch a twelvemonth earlier, a dip that follows a tumultuous twelvemonth for nan Ivy League schoolhouse that included nan resignation of President Claudine Gay and a backlash complete antisemitic incidents connected nan campus.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based schoolhouse received 54,008 applications for nan people of 2028, according to nan Harvard Crimson, nan field newspaper. The undergraduate assemblage astatine Harvard University accepted 1,245 of those applicants, giving nan incoming freshman people an acceptance complaint of 3.59% — nan highest admittance complaint successful 4 years, nan publication noted.

The diminution astatine Harvard stands successful opposition to rising student applications astatine different Ivy League establishments, pinch Yale's admittance excavation jumping 10% and Columbia University reporting an summation of 5.4%. Because of their larger applicant pool, Yale said its 3.7% acceptance complaint was its lowest ever, while Columbia's admittance complaint narrowed to 3.85% from 3.9% a twelvemonth ago. 

Harvard has drawn ferocious nationalist disapproval complete nan past year, including from immoderate alumni and awesome donors, complete its handling of antisemitic incidents tied to the Israel-Hamas war. At nan aforesaid time, nan dip successful applications comes aft Harvard lost a Supreme Court case complete utilizing race-conscious admissions policies, a ruling that has affected assemblage admissions policies aft efficaciously ending affirmative action successful higher education. 

The assemblage didn't merchandise information connected title and ethnicity for its incoming class, information that it has provided successful erstwhile years, nan Harvard Crimson noted. 

Harvard president resigns amid renewed plagiarism allegations weeks aft antisemitism hearing 02:30

Harvard didn't instantly return a petition for remark astir nan diminution successful applicants. 

Although Harvard's acceptance complaint is its highest successful 4 years, nan assemblage remains 1 of nan astir competitory universities successful nan U.S. Some able families are now paying consultants arsenic overmuch arsenic $750,000 to hole their children for assemblage admissions, hoping that nan other disbursal will salary disconnected pinch an acceptance missive to a top-ranked university.

There's immoderate grounds that a bachelor's grade from a competitory assemblage tin boost a person's life earnings. Graduates of Ivy League and different elite institutions are 60% much apt to person incomes among nan apical 1% compared pinch those who didn't be those colleges, Harvard economists found successful a 2023 study.

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