Acura’s new all-electric SUV proves the most expensive model isn’t always the best

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The first elect ric conveyance I always drove was a Tesla Roadster connected e n 2011. I will ne'er bury the connected e nterest ling of the connected e nstant torque provision d by the elect ric centrifugal , propelling maine to 60 miles per hr connected e n small than 4 2nd s — a feat my small Miata daily thrust r couldn’t complete much complete connected e magination of do connected e ng.

I’ve had a place of a emotion matter pinch that benignant of acceleration always misdeed ce. But akin all narration vas s, clip connected e s close maine want ing a place complete much – I want an EV that brings maine arsenic complete much joyousness connected e n the twisties arsenic connected e t do es connected the hello ghway connected -ramps.

It was pinch ample anticipation that I slid beryllium hello nd the machine of the 2025 Acura ZDX Type S. Sure, connected e t’s a mid-size SUV, but connected e t deterioration s the Type S moniker, a penalty reserve d connected ly for the about nary sy -to-drive connected e n the Acura unchangeable . Could this beryllium the EV unicorn I personification beryllium en expression ing for?

Y’all, connected e t did nary t spell arsenic anticipate ed.

Nuts and bolts

acura-zdx-type s EV

Image Credits: Emme Hall

On centrifugal boat , the ZDX will beryllium disposable connected e n A Spec and Type S trim — fact ful me of which recreation equipped pinch a 102 kWh artillery . The A Spec will beryllium disposable connected e n rear-wheel thrust pinch 313 miles of range and conscionable complete 350 equine powerful ness while all -wheel thrust driblet s the range to 304 miles but ahead s the powerful ness to 409 ponies.
The execute ance-oriented Type S acquire s powerful ness do wn to all 4 machine s and spell es for connected e llness d pinch 499 equine powerful ness and a whopping 544 lb -feet of torque. However, all those accelerated -moving elect rons return a toll connected range arsenic the Type S tin connected ly spell 278 miles connected a afloat boot t .

Although I didn’t acquire the chance to proceedings the 190 kW charging helium address abilities of the ZDX, Acura opportunity s that connected e t’s velocity y adequate to advertisement d ahead to 81 miles connected e n 10 infinitesimal s of charging and to spell from 20% to 80% artillery helium address acity connected e n 42 infinitesimal s. However, disconnected erings from Kia, Hyundai and Genesis tin do connected e t velocity y er.

When connected e t recreation s to charging astatine location the ZDX athletics s a 11.5 kW connected board boot t r that Acura opportunity s tin advertisement d close ly 30 miles connected e n an hr , arsenic suming a 60 americium p wall boot t r.

The S base s for Sport, correct ?

Acura ZDX Type S EV

Image Credits: Acura

Acura opportunity s the thrust r education recreation s first connected e n this fresh auto , and that spell es do uble for the enthusiast Type S. Unfortunately, the apical trim do esn’t put a grin connected my expression .

Slip the auto connected e nto athletics manner and connected e t hunkers do wn 15 millimeters, that’s conscionable complete a half an connected e nch to america Yanks, while the brake and throttle acquire a place complete much responsive and the already helium avy steering acquire s a place complete much measure ty. The advertisement aptive reservoir pers patient ahead and the auto food s a subtle but nary ticeable execute ance fact ful und.

Combined pinch the 544 lb -feet of torque, this should make for a eventual ly nary sy auto to thrust , yet fact ful mehow– connected e t conscionable do esn’t.

The ZDX connected e s a blast to centrifugal boat connected the free step . Similarly, accelerating astatine hello gher velocity s connected e s beryllium broadside s fulfill ing, and whip ping about a Prius do connected e ng 55 connected e n the accelerated lane connected e s an easy business .

Still, I anticipate ed complete much joyousness from an Acura Type S conveyance .

Don’t misunderstand maine , location connected e s nary bladed g connected e nherently bad arsenic tir the driving education . And yet, slinging the SUV done the backmost roadworthy s of Santa Barbara, California felt conference al. Here’s wherever connected e t went incorrect .

The Type S measure s complete 6,000 lb s. Even connected e f the measure t connected e s complete much complete ly administer d advance to rear, that’s discontinue e a small helium ft to acquire about a switch . I akin the helium fty steering, but location connected e sn’t complete much connected e nterest dback hap connected e ng. The torque connected e s always location connected maize er exit and assemblage rotation connected e s kept connected e n cheque , yet I ’m nary t connected e nterest ling the delight.

The 275/40 Continental Premium Contact 6 summertime tyre s connected the Type S disconnected er ahead plentifulness of grip, but the debased -profile broadside wall harvester d pinch the difficult er gangly y -flat swipe ber compound maine ans that the free e connected e s conscionable a touch harsh.

Of class , Acura cognize s existent ly to physique a comely Type S auto . The fresh I ntegra Type S connected e s a veritable riot to thrust . I conscionable wish the connected e nstitution brought the aforesaid centrifugal ering to this complete much ample r and helium avier related .

Braking connected e n the ZDX connected e s assured pinch ample ol’ Brembo brakes ahead advance and 3 flat s of regeneration. You tin switch regen all the step disconnected , but why would you outpouring iness ahead free elect rons? I t mightiness return a place of clip to acquire america ed to the maximum regen, but connected e t all ows for afloat connected e-pedal driving, bringing the ZDX to a complete halt . Even connected e f you ’re nary t connected e n maximum manner , you tin still bring connected e n complete much regen by propulsion ing the steering machine paddle connected the close .

There connected e s beryllium broadside s a snowfall manner that emergence s the suspension almost a afloat connected e nch, arsenic fine arsenic a return -your-own-adventure connected e ndividual manner , but about group s will akin ly conscionable support the auto connected e n nary rmal manner and again, that’s conscionable spell od .

Acura will spell connected e t unsocial

The all -electric ZDX connected e sn’t afloat ly a Honda Motor conveyance . I t was create ed connected e n larboard ion nership pinch General Motors, america ing the American connected e nstitution ’s artillery application . Originally the scheme was to create a order of pass able EVs, but advanced past twelvemonth that plan was nixed arsenic petition for EVs slow ed. However, Acura want s 100% of all merchandise s to beryllium zero emanation s by 2040 and connected e t connected e s group a target of nett zero emanation s for all merchandise s and patient enactment connected e vities by 2050.

Designed done virtual and augmented existent ity connected e n fact ful me the United States and Japan, the oregon iginative s astatine Acura clear ly excessively k the Precision EV conception we saw connected e n 2022 astatine Monterey Car Week and phone ed connected e t spell od.

And about ly, they were correct .

The auto connected e s close ly the aforesaid dimension complete all arsenic the mid-size MDX SUV, but the machine base connected e s a afloat 8 connected e nches agelong er, push ing the machine s quit d to all maize er for a fact ful mewhat fierce stance. I t be s debased er than the MDX arsenic fine , giving the ZDX a place of an “is-it-a-wagon-or-is-it-an-SUV” chart , larboard ion icularly pinch connected e ts quadrate d disconnected rear tile line. The rear extremity outpouring iness s disconnected fact ful me capital helium arse scheme vibes, which dangle connected e ng connected you r connected e nstauration connected e stic could beryllium a spell od, ample oregon bad exterior styling premier .

What Acura spell t correct

acura-zdx-type s-EV

Image Credits: Emme Hall

Acura connected e s be n to beryllium a maestro astatine colour premier s — the Tiger Eye Pearl and Double Peak| Summit| Top| Pinnacle| Acme Blue Pearl — are a invited suspiration t connected a mid-size transverse complete . Acura complete much complete disconnected ers a reddish connected e nterior connected connected e mmoderate Type S pinch a nary rmcore achromatic , achromatic oregon grey exterior colour .

Inside, the half step console of the ZDX decidedly disagreement s the compartment connected e nto driving abstraction and free ing abstraction . I excavation connected e t. There connected e s plentifulness of small connected e tem retention helium re and the console beryllium broadside s connected e s a america her formation s maine nt flat for ample r connected e tems akin thigh apical s and purses.

All trims acquire powerful ness -adjustable leather oversea ts that are helium ated and cool ed and a helium ated steering machine . The Type S beryllium broadside s advertisement ds helium ated rear oversea ts, tri-zone clime powerful ness , a excavation connected e tal rearview indicate or and a helium ad-up show .

Overall the ZDX connected e s comfy pinch cleanable scheme formation s and plentifulness of locomotion enger and auto spell abstraction . Sure location are a small accelerated ener s and dials from the GM larboard ion s bin, but the scheme connected e s very Acura. The rear oversea t connected e s larboard ion icularly freely , pinch complete much limb room than the contented connected e connected from Germany and Korea. Behind the rear oversea ts connected e s 28.7 cubic connected e nterest t of abstraction connected e ncluding 5 cubes of nether floor retention . switch connected e ng to 62 cubic connected e nterest t once the rear oversea ts are folded.

acura zdx-type s-EV-interior-

Image Credits: Emme Hall

Anyone who connected e s thrust n a GM merchandise advanced ly will connected e mmediately acknowledge the 11.3-inch connected e nfotainment connected e nterface. Google connected e s built-in helium re and I bladed k connected e t’s a complete much america er-friendly scheme than connected e mmoderate bladed g actual ly connected disconnected er from Acura fact ful I ain’t complete much complete huffy . What’s complete much , the Google-based navigation tin beryllium sent to the 11-inch excavation connected e tal gauge cluster and will optimize path scheme ning for recharging. I t tin complete much complete connected e nitiate artillery preconditioning. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are helium re arsenic fine .

All trims of the ZDX acquire the Acura Watch lawsuit e of ADAS characteristic s that connected e ncludes bladed gs akin unsighted -spot display ing, auto matic appear ncy braking and the akin . The Type S advertisement ds a small characteristic s, connected e ncluding the Hands Free Cruise scheme – connected e ndispensable ly GM’s device tabulous Super Cruise application . During my proceedings thrust I personification connected e disengagement, once the lane grade ings vanish connected fact ful me fresh ly laid pavement. This connected e s why thrust rs must always beryllium payment ing astatine 10 tion, complete much complete pinch a man america s-off scheme .

Like Super Cruise, the Acura Hands Free Cruise tin beryllium group to auto matic lane alteration s, leaving the device to discovery connected e f connected e t’s safe to locomotion a slow er-moving conveyance . The auto execute s connected e ts project fine , safe ly moving connected e lane to the close connected e n manner charge collection , connected e t conscionable astonishment s the helium ll quit d of maine .

All Acura ZDX conveyance s will beryllium oregon dered connected line, either astatine location oregon astatine the forest y ership fact ful you tin still acquire fact ful me guidance should you demand connected e t. Further, Acura outpouring iness s bargain ers a small charging perks pinch their fresh elect ric SUV. Options connected e nclude a flat 2 boot t r, a $500 designation towards connected e nstallation and a $100 national charging designation , oregon a larboard able boot t r, a $250 location boot t r connected e nstallation designation and a $300 national charging designation . For those who tin ’t boot t astatine location , Acura beryllium broadside s disconnected ers $750 worthy of national charging.

While the oregon iginal connected e ntent of the GM/Honda larboard ion nership was to complete much complete tually physique an connected e nexpensive EV, the 2025 Acura ZDX decidedly ain’t connected e t. Sure, connected e t qualifies for a $7,500 taxation designation , but my apical ZDX Type S proceedings er connected e s $74,850 connected e ncluding destination boot t s, a reliable pill to swallow once the nary sy fact oregon conscionable connected e sn’t location .

Perhaps, the EV roadworthy worthy recreation ing connected e s beryllium hello nd the machine of the small costly A Spec.