Actor Angie Harmon says Instacart driver shot and killed her dog

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Former "Law & Order" prima Angie Harmon said an Instacart driver delivering groceries to her North Carolina location changeable and killed her family's canine connected Saturday. 

Harmon posted astir nan incident on Instagram alongside respective photos of nan canine named Oliver. Harmon said nan antheral transportation driver delivered nan groceries earlier shooting Oliver. The character said that her family had a Ring camera, but it was wrong charging and did not seizure immoderate footage of nan incident. Harmon said she believed that nan man noticed nan Ring camera's absence. 

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department confirmed nan incident, saying nan driver told constabulary that nan canine had attacked him and he had fired successful aforesaid defense. Harmon disputed that account, saying that nan driver "did not person a scratch aliases wound connected him nor were his pants torn." 

Police said nary charges person been revenge related to nan incident. 

Instacart said successful a connection that nan driver will nary longer beryllium delivering for them. 

"We were profoundly saddened and disturbed to perceive astir this incident," nan transportation institution said. "We person nary tolerance for unit of immoderate kind, and nan shopper relationship was instantly suspended from our platform. We person been successful nonstop interaction pinch nan customer and are cooperating pinch rule enforcement connected their investigation." 

Harmon said that nan Instacart driver was utilizing a woman's profile, thing that constabulary and Instacart did not reside successful their statements. 

The erstwhile "Rizzoli and Isles" prima said she and her family are devastated by nan incident. 

"We are wholly traumatized & beyond devastated astatine nan nonaccomplishment of our beloved boy & family member," she wrote. 

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