A tie between the most common obesity surgeries

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The 2 astir communal obesity surgeries -- gastric bypass and gastric sleeve -- person fewer short-term complications and are balanced successful that sense. These are nan findings of a study conducted astatine nan University of Gothenburg.

Every year, astir 5,000 obesity surgeries are performed successful Sweden. The personification undergoing room will usually person a BMI of astatine slightest 40, aliases 35 if they besides person different superior aesculapian conditions related to obesity.

The astir communal procedures are gastric bypass, wherever a ample portion of nan tummy and portion of nan mini intestine are bypassed, and gastric sleeve, wherever a ample portion of nan tummy is surgically removed. The purpose of nan existent study was to comparison nan short-term risks of nan different procedures.

The study is nan largest of its kind. 1,735 big patients planned for room betwixt 2015 and 2022 agreed to participate, and they were randomly assigned to either gastric bypass aliases gastric sleeve. The surgeries were performed successful assemblage hospitals and different hospitals, nationalist and private, 20 successful Sweden and 3 successful Norway.

Relatively fewer complications

The results now presented successful nan diary JAMA Network Open show nary important differences betwixt nan methods. Surgical clip was longer for gastric bypass, averaging 68 minutes compared to 47 minutes for gastric sleeve, but hospitalization aft room was 1 time sloppy of method.

The follow-ups besides gave balanced results for nan 2 methods. At 30 days aft surgery, some groups had comparatively fewer complications specified arsenic hemorrhage, leakage, humor clots and infections. No deaths occurred during nan follow-up play of a full of 90 days.

"For some surgical procedures, nan consequence of complications is very low, particularly from an world perspective, and location is nary statistically important aliases clinically applicable quality betwixt nan groups," says Suzanne Hedberg, first writer of nan study.

Many stakeholders and galore opinions

"Many group person had surgery, aliases are connected waiting lists for surgery, and location are tons of discussions and opinions astir nan different methods. What nan study shows is that patients and doctors tin now take their surgical method without considering short-term surgical risks," she says.

Suzanne Hedberg defended her thesis successful room astatine Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg successful April 2023, and is simply a advisor astatine Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The study, included successful her thesis, is nan first publication pinch results from BEST (Bypass Equipoise Sleeve Trial), a Scandinavian registry-based randomized controlled multicenter study comparing nan 2 methods of obesity surgery. The main result of nan proceedings which analyzes nan consequence of complications and weight progression complete 5 years, is expected to beryllium completed successful 2028.

"For nan ongoing studies, we are disconnected to a bully commencement pinch balanced groups, laying a bully instauration for further comparisons of much semipermanent results," concludes Suzanne Hedberg.