A new games-focused VC in Turkey shows the industry there continues to gain steam

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Turkey has gained a well-earned estimation arsenic a veritable cauldron of mobile games startups, starring to nan emergence of VCs dedicated to nan sector. The latest to subordinate this coterie is Laton Ventures, a caller gaming-focused VC that has raised a $35 cardinal fund. Founding Partner — and Solo GP — Görkem Türk says he’s aiming to build a span betwixt nan Turkish gaming ecosystem and nan remainder of nan world, investing successful nan pre-seed and seed stages. The money is legally domiciled successful nan Netherlands.

As an emerging marketplace pinch a young population, Turks person eaten up mobile games arsenic accelerated arsenic they tin beryllium produced, giving emergence to complete 740 gaming startups. More than 48% of nan 86 cardinal group successful Turkey are nether nan property of 30 and complete 92% of net users play games successful Turkey compared to nan world mean of 82%.

Indeed, betwixt 2018 and 2022 Turkish gaming start-ups raised much than $1 cardinal successful funding.

Admittedly, Laton has immoderate competition. There are now astatine slightest 25 VC funds that put successful video games startups based retired of Turkey. That said, astir put successful different tech sectors arsenic well.

Türk, who is simply a erstwhile gaming and startups manufacture head astatine Google, explained to maine successful a telephone that Laton plans to guidelines isolated by emphasizing operational advisory to its portfolio companies.

“We’re positioning arsenic a span betwixt nan Turkish gaming ecosystem, which is booming, and nan world gaming ecosystem. Secondly, we will double down connected operational support successful areas for illustration personification acquisition, crippled design, cohort analysis, development, and truthful on. We’re backed by complete 20 exited founders. That really sets america apart,” he said.

The money has already invested successful 5 companies successful nan past six months: Two successful Turkey, 2 successful Europe and 1 successful nan U.S., and plans to leverage its seasoned manufacture advisor network.

To that end, Laton’s LPs see Mehmet Ecevit, Co-Founder of Gram Games; Mert Gür, Founder of Loop Games; Mert Can Kurum, Founder of Ruby Games; Fırat İleri, Managing Partner of Hummingbird Ventures; Nevzat Aydın, Founder of Yemeksepeti and Eric Kress, Founder of Gossamer.