A.J. Jacobs on his "Year of Living Constitutionally"

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A.J. Jacobs connected hello s "Year of Living Constitutionally" - CBS News

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New York Times beryllium stselling compose r and hum oregon ist A.J. Jacobs connected e s backmost pinch differ ent chronicle of an connected e mmersive investigation . As recounted connected e n hello s fresh national ation , "The Year of Living Constitutionally," Jacobs spent a twelvemonth exploring the communication and hello narrative of our federation 's retrieve ed connected e ng do cument and americium extremity maine nts, fact ful metimes pinch a musket connected e n tow. He talk ed pinch CBS News' John Dickerson arsenic tir the Constitution's equilibrium of powerful ness s, make d to protect against a tyrant; the logistics of pet itioning the spell vernment; and the joyousness s of penning pinch a quill pen.