A big airline is relaxing its pet policy to let owners bring the companion and a rolling carry-on

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FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — American Airlines is relaxing portion of its pet argumentation to fto owners bring their companion and a full-size carry-on container into nan cabin.

Until this week, group who carried a pet into nan compartment — which involves paying a $150 interest — could only person 1 different mini point that fresh nether nan seat.

Anything bigger, for illustration a carry-on container pinch wheels, needed to beryllium checked — for a $35 fee. Or they could put nan pet successful nan cargo hold.

Now American is letting passengers bring a pet successful nan compartment and besides bring a regular carry-on container aliases a individual point — conscionable not some bags.

The aged argumentation struck immoderate pet owners arsenic unfair, since they were already paying a pet fee.

Gary Leff, a recreation blogger who first wrote astir nan change, recalled walking years agone pinch a Yorkshire terrier.

“It was ever frustrating that nan canine counted arsenic nan carry-on moreover though I was paying nan other (pet) interest that was sometimes much than nan summons for me,” he said Friday.

Leff said he thinks American’s alteration will trim nan impulse for travelers to falsely declare that their pet is simply a work animal that flies for free.

An American spokeswoman confirmed that nan rules alteration took effect Thursday. She couldn’t explicate nan logic because nan airline’s firm offices were closed for Good Friday, and decision-makers were not available.