50 Cent’s Kids: What To Know About His Relationship With His 2 Children

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50 Cent

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American rapper, actor, and businessman 50 Cent (Curtis James Jackson III) and woman Jamira Haines (Cuban Link) get astatine nan Los Angeles Premiere Of STARZ' 'BMF' (Black Mafia Family) Season 2 held astatine nan TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX connected January 5, 2023 successful Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States.
Los Angeles Premiere Of STARZ' 'BMF' Season 2, Tcl Chinese Theatre Imax, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States - 05 Jan 2023

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50 Cent has dominated nan hip-hop world since nan merchandise of his medium Get Rich aliases Die Tryin’ successful 2003. With his azygous “In Da Club” becoming nan astir listened-to opus successful power history wrong a week astatine nan time, per Billboard, nan Queens, New York native, quickly became a family name. He past started his ain euphony label, G-Unit Records, and swept nan charts again pinch his 3rd workplace effort, 2005’s The Massacre.

Since then, 50 Cent, whose existent sanction is Curtis Jackson, has gone connected to merchandise respective much albums, starred successful a movie and moreover began his ain accumulation companies. He not only stars successful nan deed Starz play Power, but besides serves arsenic co-creator and executive producer. He besides has his manus successful galore business ventures, including SMS Audio and SK Energy.

In his individual life, 50 Cent has welcomed 2 sons pinch 2 different women. Although he is estranged to his eldest boy Marquise Jackson and was successful a bitter feud pinch him, nan entertainer often gushes complete his youngest, Sire Jackson. Now, 50 Cent is reportedly seeking sole custody of Sire from his ex Daphne Joy aft she was named successful a 2024 lawsuit against Sean “Diddy” Combs, per Us Weekly.

Find retired each astir Fiddy’s narration pinch his boys, below.

Marquise Jackson

50 CentCurtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson and boy Marquise Jackson get astatine New York Fashion Week 2007. (Gregory Pace/BEI/Shutterstock)

Marquise, who was calved connected October 13, 1997, is simply a rapper and character who has been estranged from his begetter for complete a decade, owed successful portion to nan rapper’s tumultuous divided pinch Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua Thompkins, successful 2008. After nan erstwhile mates went their abstracted ways, Shaniqua claimed 50 Cent promised her his $4 cardinal Long Island Mansion. While she and Marquise were domiciled successful it, nan location burned to nan ground, pinch Shaniqua alleging her ex had thing to do pinch it. Although 50 Cent was cleared of immoderate wrongdoing, nan erstwhile mates continued to feud, which has resulted successful a rift betwixt Fiddy and Marquise.

“It wholly went southbound erstwhile I was astir apt for illustration 10 aliases 11,” Marquise told Rap-Up successful 2017. “He wasn’t really astir enough. It benignant of dwindled down arsenic clip went connected and definite events happened.” He said he ever thought of his begetter arsenic Superman while he was increasing up. “But then, arsenic I sewage older, you commencement realizing things aliases you commencement seeing definite patterns and it takes an effect connected your narration pinch people,” Marquise added. “That’s what happened pinch maine and my father. He’s still live but I can’t show you our past speech aliases nan past clip we moreover had a dialogue.”

The feud has escalated since, pinch 50 Cent saying he wouldn’t mind if Marquise was “hit by a bus” successful 2018. The reproach came aft Marquise shared a threat of himself hanging retired pinch nan boy of Supreme McGriff, 1 of 50’s rivals, connected Instagram. Fiddy commented, “if some these small n—-s sewage deed by a bus, I wouldn’t person a bad day.” Although nan “Candy Shop” vocalist walked backmost nan comment, tweeting he had “zero sick will towards anyone living,” nan harm had been done. 50 Cent besides said he spent $1,360,000 to springiness Marquise opportunities.

On October 19, 2022, Fif appeared connected The Breakfast Club radio show to talk astir nan narration pinch nan now 26-year-old. “I don’t deliberation nan narration works,” Fifty told Charlamagne tha God. After nan lengthy question and reply wherever nan rapper said that he doesn’t judge his boy really wants to beryllium down and talk, Marquise took to Instagram to telephone retired his dad. “Now y’all each spot I tried to scope retired to talk to my pops as a MAN successful beforehand of nan [earth emoji] & down nan scenes. I person nary telephone number for you & You’ve had maine blocked connected societal media for years truthful I can’t DM you personally & everybody that is communal is frightened to touch nan taxable bc they’re frightened of you,” Marquise captioned nan throwback photograph of him and Fif.

The station besides came conscionable complete a week aft 50 Cent called Marquise “entitled” and his boy besides responded to nan connection via Instagram. “Since y’all deliberation $6,700 is sooo overmuch money personification show my pops I will salary him $6,700 for conscionable 24hr of his clip truthful we tin do everything I ever wanted to do pinch him arsenic a kid Red Yellow Green immoderate colour he like,” Marquise captioned nan October 10, 2022, photo.

Sire Jackson

50 CentSire Jackson and begetter Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson astatine ‘Den of Thieves’ movie premiere successful Los Angeles successful 2019. (Mediapunch/Shutterstock)

Sire, connected nan different hand, appears to beryllium nan pome of 50 Cent’s eye. Born connected September 1, 2012 to Fiddy and his woman astatine nan time, exemplary Daphne Joy, Sire has already been surviving nan precocious life. When he was conscionable 2 years old, he landed a $700,000 statement with Kidz Safe headphones. “He’s sewage a [modeling] woody now pinch Kidz Safe,” 50 Cent announced during an question and reply pinch Power 105.1, per E!. “They paid him a large payment, too. He’s ace cute, you gotta salary for it.” The doting dada besides revealed he group up a spot money for Sire, saying he wanted his boy to bask his riches erstwhile he was much mature.

And speaking of riches, successful 2019 Fiddy treated Sire to an insane shopping spree for Christmas. The character spent $100,000 to rent retired an full Toys R Us shop for nan small tyke to shop ’til he dropped, according to E!. The breathtaking time was revealed connected Daphne’s Instagram, wherever she posted respective pics of nan vacation surprise, captioning it, “When I asked my Dad for nan ‘WHOLE Toys R Us Store’ for Christmas I didn’t deliberation he would really do it, but he did.” Another station read, “Sire’s successful utter daze correct now and disbelief.”

50 Cent besides gushed astir Sire during nan 2021 Christmas holiday. Posting adorable pics of Sire wearing a tiger chapeau and hoodie by a Christmas tree, he wrote, “look astatine my boy, SIRE connected immoderate let’s play video games for money DadNo . you ain’t sewage nary money truthful one can’t win. LOL” Looks for illustration Sire is successful for galore much typical holidays successful nan years ahead.