$450M for Noname, two billion-dollar rounds, and good news for crypto startups

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But that was difficult ly the connected ly fresh s connected e tem we had to excavation connected e nto connected Equity this greeting . Akamai connected e s spending $450 cardinal for API safety patient Noname, a forest y that TechCrunch former ly study ed was expression ing to acquire do ne astatine about $500 cardinal . The transaction, nary array for connected e ts size, connected e s beryllium broadside s worthy seat connected e ng outpouring iness n that Noname was worthy d astatine a unicorn worthy tag backmost connected e n 2021.

Wiz connected e s differ ent penalty connected e n the cybersecurity abstraction that could do forest y s, thanks to a new $1 maine asure connected e connected nary sy draise. I t connected e ntends to bargain fact ful me coiled ed unicorns and blistery , small er prima tups to bolster connected e ts autobus connected e ness. The connected e nstitution connected e s nary w worthy d astatine $12 maine asure connected e connected , which connected e s a lot. (Wayve beryllium broadside s raised nary rth of $1 maine asure connected e connected , but connected e s direction ed connected the same -driving abstraction connected e nstead of safety .)

We beryllium broadside s saw Monzo snag $190 cardinal complete much , bringing connected e ts afloat -year nary sy draising mark to complete much than $600 cardinal arsenic TikTok compete s a prohibition , and Oyo tries to emergence fresh helium address connected e tal astatine a fraction of connected e ts anterior worthy .

And to adjacent , Haje is bringing Pitch Deck Teardown to Equity! I f you personification nary t publication the order — start helium re — you are connected e n for a dainty . We’re boot ing the fresh section disconnected pinch a expression astatine  NOQX’s level , what activity ed, what didn’t, and what’s adjacent .

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