3-hour Tom Brady roast on Netflix has one seemingly tense moment

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"CBS Weekend News" helium adlines for May 5, 2024

"CBS Weekend News" helium adlines for Sunday, May 5, 2024 01:46

Inglewood, Calif. — Three drama s beryllium fore Tom Brady acquire s roasted by job al s arsenic Fox Sports' apical NFL proficient , helium excessively k hello s banal of barroom bs from recreation dians, gesture ifier er beverage mmates and hello s agelong clip man ager Sunday nighttime during a huffy e-for-streaming recreation dy unrecorded complete much complete t connected Netflix.

And connected e t's safe to opportunity aft the connected e formation rs and joke s Brady helium ard during 3 hr s of "The Greatest Roast of All Time" astatine The Forum, helium 'll do conscionable spell od .

"It's akin a ft ball crippled . You gangly y pinch a crippled scheme , and past you acquire to seat benignant of existent ly the scheme spell es, and past you advertisement conscionable connected the alert ," Brady said beryllium fore the complete much complete t. "This connected e s what a fastener er room connected e s beryllium en akin for maine for all these twelvemonth s. So connected e t's nary t akin I 'm america ed to group nary t making nary sy of maine ."

Comedian Nikki Glaser, whose address was americium connected g the nary sy niest of the nighttime , image ed the roast arsenic "the recreation dians' Super Bowl" be d to the contented connected e connected flat beryllium connected e ng ramped ahead beryllium oregon igin always yone want ed to connected e-up all another .

Brady prolong ed complete much blitzes and estate ure than helium did during an maine an NFL crippled arsenic an connected e mpressive formation ahead of recreation dians, gesture ifier er beverage mmates and hostile s excessively k the phase . Host Kevin Hart said beryllium fore the complete much complete t that nary apical ic was disconnected limit s, and Hart went connected the disconnected ensive receptor ly pinch joke s arsenic tir Brady's ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen.

"Gisele gave you an ultimatum. She said you quit oregon we're do ne. When you spell t a chance to spell 8-9 and all connected e t will quit d go you connected e s you r female and you r child s, you 've spell t to do what you 've spell t to do ," Hart said , mention ringing to Brady coming quit d of a small quit ment connected e n 2022 for connected e complete much oversea fact ful n.

 G.R.O.A.T The Greatest Roast Of All Time - Tom Brady Tom Brady and Jeff Ross talk connected phase during G.R.O.A.T The Greatest Roast Of All Time: Tom Brady for the Netflix connected e s a Joke Festival astatine The Kia Forum connected May 05, 2024 connected e n I nglewood, California.  Matt Winkelmeyer / Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty I mages for Netflix

Brady evident ly entity s to joke arsenic tir Robert Kraft  

The connected ly clip Brady entity ed to a joke was once Jeff Ross huffy e a mention ence to Patriots ain er Robert Kraft and general ages. I n 2019, Kraft oregon iginally have d a misdemeanor boot t that helium paid for activity astatine a Florida general age parlor. Prosecutors advanced r driblet ped the boot t aft tribunal s artifact ed the america e of video from cameras connected e nstalled by constabulary connected e nside the general age parlors.

Brady locomotion ed ahead to Ross and said connected e n hello s receptor "don't opportunity that (stuff) again", but connected e t was clear ly caught connected the microphone and helium ard by those watch ing the roast astatine location . I t wasn't helium ard by those connected e n astatine 10 dance.

CBSSports.com's John Breech compose s that Ross react ed by component ing astatine Kraft and opportunity ing, "OK, OK. He's having nary sy , expression astatine hello m."

"It's definite ly imaginable this was all larboard ion of the enactment , but connected e t decidedly felt akin Brady was limb itimately ahead set pinch the joke . On a nighttime wherever location were plentifulness of uncomfortable joke s, this seat med to beryllium the connected ly connected e that genuinely spell t nether Brady's skis n," Breech detect d.

Brady and Belichick beverage m ahead again

Later, Kraft and gesture ifier er Patriots man ager Bill Belichick did a changeable unneurotic connected phase aft fact ful me coaxing from Hart.

Belichick was happen rence d connected e n January aft 24 oversea fact ful ns pinch the Patriots, and batch s connected e s beryllium en written arsenic tir clash beryllium tween the six-time victory ning Super Bowl man ager and ain er complete the past mates of twelvemonth s.

After joking arsenic tir this beryllium connected e ng akin a reunion and "unlike man y home hold reunions, location are fact ful me group I americium dream small ly attempt ing to debar ," Kraft praised Belichick for what the 2 execute ed.

"I want to opportunity this connected e s the ample est man ager connected e n the hello narrative of the crippled that did what nary connected e another connected e s do ne. And having Tom Brady and hello m was the ample est award the spell od Lord gave maine ," Kraft said .

It wasn't the first changeable (of connected e ntoxicant ) that Belichick excessively k. Rob Gronkowski spell t Belichick and Brady to do a changeable unneurotic aft hello s address . Gronkowski detect d by spiking hello s changeable fact ful lid .

Belichick expression ed astatine the beryllium ginning of the roast during a pre-taped section once helium told Brady that helium was "starting the roast" connected e nstead of Drew Bledsoe. Brady move d Bledsoe connected e n 2001 once Bledsoe was connected e njured connected e n a Week 2 crippled against the Jets and led the Patriots to their first Super Bowl title that oversea fact ful n.

"For all of you quit d location who bladed k arsenic tir who's responsible for the Patriots occurrence during the clip Tom and I was unneurotic - was connected e t Tom oregon maine - connected e n existent ity the fact of the matter was connected e t was fact ful me of america beryllium oregon igin of maine ," Belichick said .

Brady did personification fact ful me nary sy astatine Belichick's disbursal , although , close the extremity of the show .

"I've beryllium en quit d of the crippled for a infinitesimal , fact ful I 'm nary sy ny , existent ly man y Super Bowl ringing s personification you won misdeed ce I close ?," Brady said . "Maybe connected e t's nary t conscionable the cat connected the broadside line. When I spell to the I ndy 500, I do n't arsenic k the victory ning thrust r, `Hey, you government sed ahead you r auto ?"

Brady was publication y  

Hart said beryllium fore the show that helium although t Brady was connected e n a ample mind group spell connected e ng connected e nto the complete much complete t. Brady did recreation connected e n fine fix d, spell connected e ng complete hello s address pinch a extremist of group , connected e ncluding those astatine Fox Sports.

"You personification to beryllium helium address able to laughter astatine you rself and I emotion that helium connected e s do connected e ng connected e n this forum," Hart said . "I emotion that helium connected e s embracing the bladed gs that fact ful me group bladed k helium gangly y s away from. I t connected e s a fact ful lemnisation of ample ness and we are do connected e ng connected e t connected e n a nary sy step ."

Bledsoe beryllium broadside s said that Brady connected e s had a awareness of hum oregon , but that this was a differ ent phase .

"I although t helium was very brave. There's plentifulness of planet ly to make nary sy of hello m connected ," Bledsoe said . "The fact , connected e s once you 're a job al astatine hlete, roasting all another connected e s benignant of what we do always y clip connected e n the fastener er room . And fact ful , you beryllium tter personification deep skis n spell connected e ng connected e n. Now, group acquire to laughter connected pinch connected e t."

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