22 Ways To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

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Want to study really to make money online without paying anything? Here are ways to gain money online for free. Making money online without putting successful money up beforehand is doable for galore people. Thanks to nan maturation of online jobs and businesses, you tin make other money aliases create a full-time occupation from home….

Want to study how to make money online without paying anything? Here are ways to gain money online for free.

Making money online without putting successful money up beforehand is doable for galore people. Thanks to nan maturation of online jobs and businesses, you tin make extra money aliases create a full-time occupation from home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re skilled aliases conscionable getting started – location are ways to make money without paying thing astatine nan beginning. You tin usage your productivity and skills successful things for illustration making content, providing integer services, and trading worldly online to make a dependable income.

I personally person made money online successful galore different ways without paying thing to get started, truthful I cognize that this genuinely does exist.

Best Ways To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Here’s a speedy summary of my favourite ways to make money without investment:

  • Best measurement to make money online freelancing – Proofreading
  • My favourite measurement to make money online for free – Blogging
  • Best measurement to make money online for passive income – Selling printables
  • Best measurement to make money online for those who for illustration numbers – Bookkeeping
  • Easy measurement to make other money – Take surveys pinch Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, American Consumer Opinion, and User Interviews.

Below are nan champion ways to make money online without paying anything.

1. Blogging

Blogging is precisely what I started years ago, and I didn’t salary immoderate money successful nan opening to get started.

If you want to make money pinch a laptop, past this is what I recommend.

I began Making Sense of Cents successful 2011, and it has helped maine gain complete $5,000,000 since then. I started my blog connected a whim to stock my ain money journey, not moreover knowing that group could make money from blogs aliases really to make a successful one.

Now, it’s my full-time job!

Eventually, you will person costs pinch a blog, conscionable for illustration pinch astir of nan businesses listed below, if you want to turn and make much money. But, nan expenses are debased compared to really overmuch money you whitethorn beryllium capable to make.

So, what’s a blog? A blog is for illustration this contented you’re reference now – it’s penning connected a website. You tin blog astir thing you’re passionate about, thing you cognize a batch about, aliases moreover thing you want to study much astir (people bask pursuing firsthand journeys!).

There are galore different niches (topics) that you tin constitute astir too, specified arsenic travel, individual finance, home, lifestyle, family, food, and more.

You tin study really to commencement a blog pinch my free How To Start a Blog Course (sign up by clicking here).

How To Start A Blog FREE Course


Want to spot really I built a $5,000,000 blog?

In this free course, I show you really to create a blog, from nan method broadside to earning your first income and attracting readers.

2. Printables

Selling printables is simply a measurement to make passive income from location without upfront costs.

This is because printables are integer files that you tin download and people astatine home. You only request to make 1 integer record for each product, and past you tin waste it aggregate times.

They tin beryllium things for illustration market shopping lists, invites, convey you cards, integer art, aliases gift tags.

I person bought galore printables myself, and galore others do too. Recently, I purchased a printable to thief thatch my girl nan alphabet. It was a useful tool, and I could easy people it astatine home.

You tin study much astir this astatine How I Make Money Selling Printables On Etsy.

 Earn Money Selling Printables

Do you want to make money trading printables online? This free training will springiness you awesome ideas connected what you tin sell, really to get started, nan costs, and really to make sales.

3. Proofreading

If you for illustration uncovering mistakes successful written contented and want to commencement a business without spending a batch of money, past proofreading mightiness beryllium a bully prime for you. This tin beryllium a part-time occupation aliases a full-time profession moving from home.

Many proofreaders gain astir $40,000 a twelvemonth aliases moreover more.

Proofreaders look for errors successful articles, ads, books, student papers, emails, transcripts, and more.

To go a proofreader, each you request is simply a laptop aliases tablet, an net connection, and nan expertise to spot mistakes and errors. So, you astir apt already person everything you request to get started.

I urge signing up for a free 76-minute workshop, wherever you tin study much astir becoming a proofreader. You tin motion up for nan free How To Become a Proofreader shop here.

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Proofread Anywhere


This free 76-minute shop answers each of nan astir communal questions astir really to go a proofreader, and moreover talks astir nan 5 signs that proofreading could beryllium a cleanable fresh for you.

4. Freelance writing

Freelance penning is simply a awesome measurement to make money online without immoderate upfront costs, arsenic you don’t request immoderate costly instrumentality to get started.

A freelance writer is personification who writes for different places for illustration websites, blogs, magazines, ads, books, and different things.

I person been a freelance writer for galore years now, each from my laptop. I really bask being a freelance writer, and I person galore friends who do this arsenic well. I started this occupation because I wanted to make money from location and not walk money trying to fig it out. And, it worked!

This occupation tin gain you much than $50,000 a year. Some of my friends who are freelance writers make complete $200,000 a year.

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5. Opening an online store

Starting an online shop is simply a measurement to make money without upfront costs, and sites for illustration Etsy and Shopify make this possible.

On Etsy, you tin waste things for illustration handmade aliases vintage items and trade supplies. This online marketplace is awesome if you’re imaginative and want to waste unique, one-of-a-kind products. Shopify, connected nan different hand, has much elasticity successful what you tin waste and allows you to build your individual storefront.

There are galore different types of things you tin sell, specified arsenic integer products for illustration ebooks aliases web creation templates, which don’t require inventory and tin beryllium sold many times without further cost. Physical products, connected nan different hand, tin besides beryllium sold but support successful mind that you’ll request a scheme for shipping, and you whitethorn person to walk money successful bid to person them arsenic inventory to database connected your store.

Another thought is dropshipping. This is simply a business exemplary wherever you don’t request to support inventory aliases vessel products yourself. Instead, you activity pinch suppliers who return attraction of inventory and shipping for you.

Below are immoderate ideas for things you could waste done an online dropshipping store:

  1. Travel items specified arsenic portable luggage scales, cervix pillows, aliases recreation cubes
  2. Fitness instrumentality for illustration yoga mats, weights, aliases guidance bands
  3. Sustainable products specified arsenic reusable utensils, bamboo toothbrushes, tote bags, aliases eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  4. Camping-related items for illustration hammocks, lanterns, cookware sets, and endurance kits
  5. Jewelry specified arsenic stackable rings, layered bracelets, anklets, and connection earrings
how to make money online without paying anything

6. Print-on-demand

Similar to nan above, print-on-demand (POD) is simply a business exemplary wherever you waste your civilization designs connected products for illustration T-shirts, mugs, and books, but only people them erstwhile an bid is placed.

It’s a celebrated measurement to commencement an online business pinch minimal upfront costs because you don’t person to interest astir inventory. Your occupation is to create nan designs and group up your online store.

Once a customer buys a product, nan bid goes consecutive to your POD supplier who prints and ships it nether your marque name.

7. Stock photography

Stock photography is simply a measurement to make money online without immoderate rate up front. If you already person a camera aliases moreover conscionable a compartment phone, you tin get started trading banal photographs.

You are simply taking photos, putting them connected a banal photograph website, and trading them to group and companies.

People bargain banal images from websites for illustration Shutterstock, Getty Images, aliases Adobe Stock for galore reasons, specified arsenic adding them to their websites, articles, blog posts, advertisements, and societal media.

You tin waste galore types of pictures, including travel, business, people, food, animals, health, fashion, sports, and more.

For example, if I constitute a blog station astir making money pinch a laptop, I mightiness bargain a banal photograph of a laptop. Or, if I request a image related to making money while traveling, I’d find a image of a picnic to see successful my blog post. Stock images tin make a blog station much enjoyable to read.

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How tin I make money online for free without paying

8. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate trading is simply a measurement for you to gain money by promoting products aliases services online, and you don’t request thing typical to get started.

With connection marketing, if your friend aliases follower buys a merchandise done a referral nexus you share, you get paid a committee – it’s arsenic elemental arsenic that.

First, prime products you emotion and are judge others will use from. Then, motion up for their connection program. Each programme gives you an connection link. This nexus tracks who clicks and buys from your recommendation.

Your occupation is to stock your connection nexus pinch arsenic galore willing group arsenic possible. You could constitute astir it connected your blog, make videos, aliases moreover conscionable stock it connected societal media.

I urge signing up for Affiliate Marketing Tips For Bloggers – Free eBook to study more.

9. Playing games and watching videos for money

There are tons of money-making apps that fto you gain rate by playing games aliases watching videos connected your phone.

These apps salary you existent money because they make money from ads and in-app purchases. To get you to support playing, they springiness you a stock of their earnings. For watching videos, nan sites reward you pinch points for watching sponsored videos, and these videos tin scope from ads to short clips.

Now, these won’t make you rich, but it is simply a measurement to make money from your telephone without upfront costs.

Here’s a speedy database of nan apical video and game apps that salary existent cash:

  1. KashKick
  2. Swagbucks
  3. InboxDollars

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10. Market investigation and attraction groups

If you emotion sharing your opinions, marketplace investigation and attraction groups are awesome ways for you to gain rate online without paying anything. This benignant of activity connects you pinch companies seeking feedback connected their products aliases services. It’s each astir knowing what you deliberation arsenic a consumer.

Lots of companies want to perceive from group for illustration you and me, and you tin stock your opinions pinch them utilizing conscionable a laptop aliases phone, immoderate free time, and a bully net connection.

When I was paying disconnected my student loans, I took online surveys almost each day. I did them earlier work, during lunch, aliases aft work. Even though they didn’t make maine a batch of money, they were elastic because I could do them whenever I had time. Plus, they were really easy and didn’t require overmuch thinking!

Here are immoderate study companies I suggest:

  1. American Consumer Opinion
  2. Survey Junkie
  3. Swagbucks
  4. InboxDollars
  5. Branded Surveys
  6. PrizeRebel
  7. User Interviews – This 1 pays connected mean astir $60 per duty (much higher than nan rest, but it is simply a small much activity for participants arsenic these are usually video calls aliases connected nan phone)

Signing up for these study sites is free, and typically, they salary astir $1 to $3 for each study you finish.

11. Online tutoring

As an online tutor, you get to thatch students from nan comfortableness of your home. Your occupation is to stock your knowledge and thief successful a taxable you cognize well. You don’t person to interest astir walking aliases a strict schedule; you tin take erstwhile to do your online tutoring gig.

You tin make betwixt $30 and $60 per hr aliases more, depending connected nan subject’s trouble and your expertise. And you don’t request to walk immoderate money up front, truthful it’s a measurement to gain online without other costs.

As a tutor, you mightiness walk 30 minutes to an hr giving a lesson, answering questions online, aliases moving one-on-one pinch a student successful a video lesson.

real ways to make money from location for free

12. Virtual adjunct job

You tin make money from location arsenic a virtual adjunct by doing administrative tasks for clients online. You don’t request thing to get started different than a machine aliases laptop.

Virtual assistants, aliases VAs, do tasks akin to administrative assistants, but they activity from location aliases anyplace pinch internet.

Virtual assistants do things like:

  1. Email guidance – Answering and organizing emails
  2. Calendar guidance – Scheduling appointments, meetings, and events
  3. Administrative support – Preparing reports, presentations, and documents
  4. Travel arrangements – Booking flights, hotels, and proscription for business trips
  5. Internet investigation – Doing online investigation connected topics to constitute about, competitors, products, etc.
  6. Website attraction – Updating content, monitoring performance, and managing website-related tasks
  7. Personal tasks – Booking appointments aliases making meal reservations

I’ve been a virtual adjunct earlier (it was really 1 of my first online jobs, and I liked really I didn’t person to walk money to go a VA), and I besides person 1 who useful for me, truthful I cognize really useful they tin be! Plus, you don’t request thing costly to get started.

13. Social media influencer

Being a societal media influencer is simply a existent measurement to make money online without immoderate first cost, and plentifulness of group person started their societal media accounts by spending perfectly $0. In fact, I deliberation astir group commencement arsenic conscionable a hobby!

You tin commencement pinch conscionable your phone, by taking pictures and sharing your thoughts connected societal media accounts for illustration Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

You tin gain money arsenic a societal media influencer done sponsored posts, wherever brands salary you to beforehand their products aliases services successful your posts. You tin besides make money done connection marketing, wherever you gain commissions from income made done your referral links. Plus, you tin waste integer products for illustration ebooks aliases online courses.

I’ve been a societal media influencer for years, monetizing my Instagram and Facebook accounts. It’s allowed maine to collaborate pinch brands I emotion and beforehand products I already use.

14. Transcriptionist

Becoming a transcriptionist tin beryllium a bully prime to make money online without upfront costs. This is thing that you tin study to do, and transcriptionists usually make astir $15 per hour.

As a transcriptionist, you tin gain money from location by turning audio files aliases video files into written documents. Clients tin see marketers, authors, filmmakers, academics, speakers, and conferences.

To find transcription jobs, immoderate places to commencement include:

  1. Rev – Transcribers connected Rev gain an mean of $245 per month, pinch apical earners making up to $1,495.
  2. CrowdSurf – CrowdSurf pays for short transcription tasks, which are awesome for those looking for quick, manageable projects.
  3. TranscribeMe – This level is bully for beginners arsenic they springiness training and only require a reliable net relationship and computer.

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 Is a Career successful Transcription Right for You?


In this free training, you will study what transcription is, why it’s a highly in-demand skill, who hires transcriptionists, really to go a transcriptionist, and more.

15. Video gaming livestreams

Yes, you tin make money online pinch nary upfront costs by unrecorded streaming (such arsenic a video crippled that you for illustration to play). Eventually, you whitethorn want to upgrade to higher-quality equipment, but you tin commencement correct distant pinch what you already person – your machine and phone.

Twitch is simply a website wherever you tin make money by playing video games, talking pinch viewers successful existent clip done unrecorded streams, and more.

As your spectator count grows, you tin commencement making money. Streamers tin gain done ways specified as:

  • Subscriptions – Your fans tin salary a monthly interest to support you arsenic subscribers.
  • Donations – Viewers tin nonstop you tips if they bask your stream.
  • Advertisements – You tin get paid from ads that tally connected your unrecorded stream.
  • Sponsorships – Companies whitethorn salary you to beforehand their products.

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16. YouTube

Starting a YouTube transmission is simply a celebrated measurement to make money online without immoderate first investment. You tin grounds videos from your telephone aliases camera, and you don’t really request thing other to get started successful nan beginning.

You tin commencement a YouTube transmission astir galore different topics for illustration finance, home, travel, toys, pets, and more. There’s a YouTube transmission for almost thing nowadays, and there’s still abstraction for more!

In your YouTube videos, you tin see links to products you recommend, gain money from ads that play during your videos, get paid by brands to characteristic their products, and moreover waste your ain stuff.

17. Freelance schematic design

As a schematic designer, you tin gain money online without investing immoderate money up front. You tin create designs specified arsenic logos, societal media graphics, and branding materials for clients.

To start, you will astir apt want to create a elemental but impactful portfolio to show your work. This is your opportunity to show your abilities to imaginable clients, truthful you will want to see your favourite projects and what reflects your creation style.

You tin besides motion up connected freelance sites for illustration Fiverr wherever businesses look for designers for illustration you.

How to make money online without paying thing for free

18. Virtual bookkeeping

Bookkeepers negociate financial records, way expenses, and make financial reports; it requires attraction to item and beardown organizational skills.

This occupation typically pays much than $40,000 a year. Plus, galore types of businesses require bookkeepers, making it a awesome profession prime pinch opportunities for growth.

Even better, you tin do this occupation from location utilizing your machine and nan internet.

Yes, you don’t request a grade to beryllium a bookkeeper. You tin commencement by learning basal bookkeeping and nan package astir businesses use.

If you want to go a bookkeeper, location is simply a free shop each astir uncovering a virtual bookkeeping job, and you tin motion up for free here.

Bookkeeper Launch Course


This free training will thatch you what you request to cognize to go a virtual bookkeeper and make money from home.

19. Write an ebook

Writing an ebook tin beryllium a measurement to make money without needing upfront investment, different than your clip and effort. This is thing you tin do yourself too, specified arsenic done nan self-publishing way connected Amazon.

Ebooks are integer books that you tin download and publication connected devices for illustration tablets, phones, e-readers, aliases laptops. They’ve go very celebrated because they’re affordable and easy to access.

I’ve purchased galore ebooks myself, ranging from nonfiction to fiction, and many, galore different group person arsenic well.

Recommended reading: How this personification is making $200 a time successful book income passively.

20. Online recreation agent

A recreation supplier is simply a master who helps group scheme and book trips, vacations, and different recreation arrangements. They springiness their expertise and support successful uncovering nan champion deals connected transportation, accommodations, and activities, considering their clients’ preferences, budgets, and needs.

Travel agents besides springiness adjuvant proposal connected destinations, propose itineraries, put tours and excursions, and grip logistics specified arsenic flights, hotels, car rentals, and recreation insurance.

There are galore different kinds of niches you tin waste vacations and trips in, specified arsenic luxury travel, cruises, Disney, fund travel, and escapade holidays.

21. Write book reviews

If you bask reference and talking astir books, you tin make money by penning reviews astatine home. Authors and publishers want to perceive your honorable opinions because they thief different readers take their adjacent book. Readers besides for illustration these reviews, truthful it benefits everyone involved.

You don’t request thing different than your machine (or moreover conscionable your compartment phone) to constitute nan reviews. Many times, nan book is fixed to you to review, truthful you don’t moreover person to salary for that.

This is typically much of a broadside gig for spare rate and free books.

Here are immoderate websites wherever you tin make money online by penning book reviews:

  1. OnlineBookClub.org – They springiness free books for your first book reappraisal (and nary different payment). After your first review, you tin gain rate for each review, usually betwixt $5 and $60.
  2. Kirkus Media – They look for reviewers for some English and Spanish books, peculiarly successful nan Kirkus indie section. Reviews impact astir 350-word summaries owed 2 weeks aft receiving nan book. They screen each genres, pinch complete 10,000 books reviewed annually.
  3. Upwork – Create a floor plan arsenic a book reviewer connected this freelance platform. You tin take projects that liking you and group your ain rates.
  4. The US Review of Books – They prosecute freelance writers for 250- to 300-word reviews that spell beyond summarizing to supply insights into nan book. To join, taxable a resume, penning samples, and a mates of references.
  5. Reedsy Discovery – Review books earlier they are published and get paid done tips from readers, ranging from $1 to $5. It’s an breathtaking measurement to power which books go popular.

Learn much astatine 16 Best Ways To Get Paid To Read Books.

22. Online occupation opportunities

There are galore much ways to make money online that won’t costs you money to get started, and these include:

  • Finding distant part-time aliases full-time jobs – If you want a full-time income aliases are willing successful part-time work, celebrated occupation hunt platforms for illustration Indeed tin help. They thief you find jobs that fresh your schedule wherever you activity for personification other arsenic an employee, specified arsenic package engineer, developer, quality resources manager, IT manager, and more.
  • Customer work and support jobs – As an at-home customer work rep, you would activity for companies, answering customer questions and issues that they whitethorn beryllium having.
  • Data introduction and administrative jobs – Data introduction jobs are perfect for you if you person a bully oculus for item and tin activity independently.

These are each jobs wherever you would beryllium moving for personification else, but online from home. The institution would usually supply you everything you request to get started, specified arsenic immoderate package and perchance moreover nan laptop arsenic well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to communal questions astir really to make money online without paying anything.

How tin I make money online wholly for free?

There are galore ways to make money online wholly for free. You tin commencement a blog, freelance write, bookkeep, constitute book reviews, waste banal photography, aliases go a virtual assistant.

How tin students gain money online without immoderate investment?

Students tin make money online without immoderate finance by answering online surveys, tutoring online, freelance writing, proofreading, blogging, and more. Whether you want to make other rate aliases a full-time income, location are galore options for students.

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything – Summary

I dream you enjoyed this article connected really to make money online without paying anything.

Getting started pinch making money online mightiness consciousness overwhelming and impossible, but it’s not intolerable if you do it right.

The net has galore places wherever you tin show disconnected your skills arsenic a writer, artist, aliases tutor. You tin besides waste items online, aliases moreover play games and springiness your sentiment successful surveys.

What different ways are location to make money online for free without investment?

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