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solar charge controller
LCD Display 20A 12V/24V MPPT Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller Three-time interval Charger Controller Regulator.

Brand: Sun Yoba
Application: Charger Controller
Maximum Current: 20A
Model Number: F0010-B
Rated Voltage: Other

MPPT20 20A solar controller can adjust automatically the working voltage of solar panels, which can make solar panels work consistently in the maximum power point of the V-A characteristic curve in a whole day. Compared with common solar controllers, it is equipped with temperature compensation function, can make the work efficiency of photovoltaic modules increased by 30%, and can observably prolong the life of the storage battery.

MPPT 20A Solar Panel Charge Controller Regulator Solar panel 260W/12V 520W/24V Compatible with 520W(24v) solar panel with dark activated function,
Max current is 20A
Timer Intigrated (Lighting function)
MPPT20 Series controller has the following features:
Compared with normal solar charge controller, this MPPT controller could increase efficiency by 10%-30% Solar LCD series a kind of intelligent,multipurpose solar charge and discharge controller
1. LCD screen display
2. Easy operation in

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