19 Ways To Get Paid To Walk

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Are you looking for ways to get paid to walk? Getting paid to locomotion is simply a broadside hustle pinch nan benefits of getting regular workout and moreover getting paid for it. There are tons of ways to get paid to locomotion including getting paid for steps, losing weight, and moreover picking up trash. I have…

Are you looking for ways to get paid to walk?

Getting paid to locomotion is simply a broadside hustle pinch nan benefits of getting regular workout and moreover getting paid for it. There are tons of ways to get paid to locomotion including getting paid for steps, losing weight, and moreover picking up trash.

I person personally been paid to walk, and it’s great!

How To Get Paid To Walk

Below are 19 ways to get paid to walk.

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1. CashWalk

CashWalk is simply a free app that pays you to gain money conscionable for moving aliases stepping extracurricular aliases connected a treadmill. You gain coins and tin speech them for gift cards to places for illustration Amazon, Walmart, Apple, Starbucks, and more.

This pedometer app is designed to motivate you to execute fittingness goals and thief build patient workout habits.

You won’t get rich | pinch CashWalk, but it’s an easy measurement to make money by doing what you already do, which is walking.

You tin motion up for CashWalk by clicking here. Also, you tin get a free 100 points by utilizing nan referral codification ESPU5.

2. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is simply a free app that helps motivate you to locomotion by rewarding your regular steps. This pedometer app only counts outdoor steps correct from your telephone (such arsenic your iPhone aliases Android device), truthful if you’re a treadmill walker, those steps will not count successful nan app.

Once you accumulate capable coins, you tin redeem them for products aliases donate to charity. The products that tin beryllium redeemed alteration regularly. You whitethorn spot things specified arsenic Amazon credits, electronics, and different celebrated products. If you’re emotion generous, you tin donate your net to charities for illustration Save The Children, The African Wildlife Foundation, aliases Cancer Research.

get paid to locomotion dogs

3. Walk dogs

Rover is an app that connects you pinch pet owners who request thief pinch pet sitting, canine walking, and drop-in visits. If you’re an animal lover, this is simply a awesome broadside hustle to try.

I was a Rover canine walker for respective pet owners and it’s still 1 of my favourite broadside hustles to date. The app useful connected some Android and iOS devices.

How overmuch money you gain connected nan Rover app varies connected really galore pets you’re walking, your experience, and what you group your rates at. Some pet sitters make $40,000 a year, while nan apical dog walkers successful nan section gain $100,000+. You tin expect to gain betwixt $15 and $25 per hr connected Rover, pinch that complaint being much depending connected really galore dogs you’re stepping astatine 1 time.

Finding jobs is comparatively easy because location are truthful galore pet parents retired location looking for a pet sitter aliases personification to locomotion their dog.

Click present to motion up for Rover.

Learn much astatine 7 Best Dog Walking Apps To Make Extra Money (another celebrated pet stepping app that you tin study astir is Wag!).

4. Get paid to prime up trash

A awesome measurement to thief cleanable nan environment, get workout in, and get paid is by picking up trash. Many businesses want their spot and parking tons to beryllium cleanable truthful customers are shopping astatine a cleanable property.

Getting paid to prime up trash is simply a mini business that you tin commencement wholly connected your own. Picking up trash tin salary betwixt $30-$50 an hour. There is simply a ton of trash to prime up successful nan world. Tools you will request see a broom, dustpan, and grabber tools.

You tin study much astatine Get Paid $30 – $50 Per Hour To Pick Up Trash.

5. Stepbet 

Stepbet is simply a celebrated fittingness app that pays you for walking. The app is user-friendly and moreover lets you link your fittingness locator (such arsenic your Fitbit, Google Fit, Samsung Health, aliases Apple Watch). Stepbet is simply a awesome measurement to enactment motivated to complete your regular measurement extremity and moreover get paid for doing this.

This is really nan app works:

  • You take a crippled to group your measurement goals
  • Bet a definite magnitude of money into nan cookware to subordinate nan game
  • If you meet nan play measurement goal, you tin divided nan cookware pinch others who besides completed their goals and get your stake backmost positive more.

6. HealthyWage 

HealthyWage is simply a celebrated fittingness app that pays you to suffer weight. To get started, spell to HealthyWage and participate really overmuch weight you want to lose, really agelong you’ll person to complete nan weight nonaccomplishment goal, and really overmuch money you want to bet.

Let’s opportunity I wanted to suffer 30 pounds successful 9 months aliases little and I stake $60 of my ain money. The website shows my prize scope would beryllium betwixt $588 and $1,116.

HealthyWage has play weigh-ins and support from different group who are besides trying to suffer weight. The intent of HealthyWage is to motivate you to suffer weight by utilizing a financial incentive, which makes it much motivating to complete your weight nonaccomplishment goal.

7. DietBet

DietBet is simply a nosy and unsocial app that makes fittingness nosy and motivating. DietBet useful by you choosing a game/challenge to complete. For example, location are existent weight nonaccomplishment challenges wherever you stake $40 and person to suffer 10% of your assemblage weight wrong 6 months to triumph nan shared cookware of money.

This is really it works:

  • You get started by choosing a situation and betting money into nan pot
  • Two days earlier nan situation begins, you must measurement successful which involves taking 2 photos (one of you opinionated connected nan standard pinch lightweight clothing, and nan 2nd photograph of nan standard and weight)
  • The situation will stock really overmuch weight you person to suffer to triumph nan cookware of money astatine nan extremity of nan challenge.

8. Fit For Bucks 

Fit For Bucks is an app that lets you gain rewards for being active. You tin gain points by doing things for illustration stepping to nan market store, hitting nan gym, going for a hike, dancing, and more.

Rewards you tin redeem see things for illustration coffee, fittingness classes, massages, haircuts, wine, and more. Using this app is simply a awesome measurement to enactment motivated to get much activity successful while besides getting rewarded for your difficult work.

9. Charity Miles 

Charity Miles is nan app for you if you emotion giving backmost and being generous. Instead of giving rewards to you, nan app lets you springiness your rewards to a kindness of your choice. Every mile you locomotion earns a in installments to beryllium utilized arsenic a aid to a charity.

One of my favourite charities, Save The Children, is connected Charity Miles. So my regular stepping that I already do helps maine donate much money to my kindness of choice.

Get paid to locomotion free

10. Guided stepping tours 

If you’re an extrovert and person knowledge astir your section town, you whitethorn want to go a stepping circuit guide. As a guided stepping circuit operator, you tin create your ain unsocial stepping way and showcase typical landmarks and sites to tourists. You must person in-depth knowledge of nan area and supply fantabulous customer service.

I urge researching what akin tours are charging to get an thought of what you should charge. You should besides deliberation astir factors specified arsenic nan long of nan tour, nan acquisition you have, and immoderate further services you’ll see erstwhile deciding really overmuch nan stepping circuit will cost.

Having a website and/or societal beingness for your circuit institution is simply a awesome measurement to get caller customers willing successful your tours. Network pinch section hotels, recreation websites, and tourism organizations to beforehand your tours. You whitethorn moreover want to connection a typical discount aliases promotion to pull caller customers.

11. Evidation 

Evidation is an app that lets you gain points and rewards for actions for illustration walking, sleeping, and more. Participating successful this app helps lend to investigation and caller wellness findings that will use everyone.

For example, 1 of nan existent programs successful nan Evidation app gives you 300 points for joining a programme focused connected nan flu. The app monitors your activity and tin alert you erstwhile it sees a alteration that suggests you whitethorn beryllium emotion nether nan weather.

You tin link each kinds of fittingness electronics to nan Evidation app, including but not constricted to Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, and Dexcom.

12. MyWalgreens (Walgreens Balance Rewards)

MyWalgreens is simply a programme tally by Walgreens pinch nan intent of getting group to make healthier decisions.

You tin gain points successful nan programme by stepping and search different fittingness activities. You tin moreover gain points for search your humor pressure, humor glucose, sleep, and different wellness markers.

13. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is an app that connects gig workers pinch speedy tasks for illustration going to a store, reviewing merchandise displays, checking prices, readiness of products, and conditions. You get to take which gigs you take and get to determine your schedule and really often you work.

Here’s really Gigwalk works:

  1. First, you download nan app connected your phone.
  2. Then, you look for gigs nearby.
  3. Choose a gig that you like.
  4. After you decorativeness nan job, you get paid.

Money is sent straight to your PayPal relationship and each gig pays differently. It typically tin scope anyplace from $3 to complete $100 – nan clip to complete a gig tin alteration from 5 minutes to a fewer hours.

14. Runtopia 

Runtopia pays you to get fresh by providing a motivational inducement to get moving.

The app has benefits for illustration letting you grounds activities pinch GPS, information study to amended your performance, connecting pinch friends, and getting rewarded for various activities.

15. PK Rewards 

PK Rewards is an app that rewards you for search each kinds of workouts. Your workouts get converted into coins which tin beryllium redeemed for cool prizes from brands for illustration Lululemon, Nike, Amazon, and more. You gain coins based connected nan effort you put in.

Workouts tin see beautiful overmuch thing from going to nan gym, cycling, dancing, walking, and more. You tin group individual goals successful nan app, compete pinch friends, and way your advancement each wrong nan app. You tin moreover spot your effort complete clip arsenic you usage nan app.

16. Instacart 

Instacart is simply a level that connects customers pinch Instacart Shoppers who market shop and present nutrient to customers. This occupation requires a batch of stepping and beingness activity and allows you to power your schedule and really often you work.

Signing up to go an Instacart Shopper is straightforward. Download nan Instacart Shopper app and use arsenic a Shopper. Once your exertion is accepted, you tin usage nan app to find orders, prime an bid you like, and spell to nan shop and commencement market shopping for nan customer. When you’re done market shopping, present nan groceries to nan customer.

You gain money pinch each transportation and nan much you deliver, nan much occupation opportunities you’ll person available. Giving awesome work to your customers tin lead to amended tips, truthful customer work is important.

You tin click present to motion up to beryllium an Instacart Shopper.

Learn much astatine Instacart Shopper Review: How overmuch do Instacart Shoppers earn?

17. DoorDash 

Working for DoorDash is an progressive gig occupation that requires you to present edifice meals to customers. This broadside hustle tin require a batch of stepping and beingness activity depending connected really you’re delivering food. You whitethorn determine to present nutrient by car aliases by bike.

The benefits of moving for DoorDash see choosing nan hours you activity and deciding wherever you want to work. The app is user-friendly and allows you to return orders, wherever to go, and really to get there. Each transportation earns betwixt $2-$10, positive tips.

Please click present to motion up for DoorDash.

18. Distribute flyers 

A broadside hustle that requires a batch of stepping is getting paid to administer flyers. To find jobs distributing flyers, cheque online occupation platforms for illustration Indeed aliases Craigslist, and besides hunt for jobs successful newspapers, and organization bulletin boards. Search for jobs utilizing nan keywords “flyer distribution”, aliases “leaflet distribution”.

You tin besides create a floor plan connected gig platforms for illustration TaskRabbit, Gigwalk, aliases Thumbtack and station aliases hunt for flyer distribution jobs. Make judge to cheque section events, waste and acquisition shows, and festivals arsenic these events ever request promotional worldly to beryllium distributed.

Before accepting immoderate jobs, make judge to explain salary rates and nan schedule from nan employer. This occupation is apt going to return a batch of regular steps and beingness activity.

19. Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is simply a instrumentality companies usage to study ways to amended their customer experience. Mystery shoppers tin get jobs successful person, online, aliases connected nan phone. Jobs are different and whitethorn require you to bargain something, beryllium down astatine a edifice and eat, aliases moreover get your hairsbreadth done successful a salon. If you are required to bargain something, make judge to support your receipts arsenic you will request them to complete your questionnaire.

My sister was a enigma shopper and I sewage to spell pinch her connected 1 of her gigs. We sewage to sojourn a edifice for free arsenic agelong arsenic she gave her honorable sentiment after. Mystery shopping besides involves going to stores specified arsenic Best Buy, salons, car dealerships, movie theaters, constitution counters, and more.

BestMark is simply a celebrated enigma shopping website that connects you pinch opportunities to gain money while helping companies amended their customer service.

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does nan stepping app really salary you

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to communal questions astir ways to get paid to walk.

Can I get paid for walking? 

There are tons of ways to get paid for stepping including via fittingness apps for illustration SweatCoin and CashWalk that reward you for gathering regular measurement goals aliases participating successful stepping challenges. Rewards see things for illustration gift cards, discounts, cash, and free stuff.

Besides utilizing fittingness apps that reward you for walking, you tin besides make money stepping by moving arsenic a gig worker for TaskRabbit and DoorDash. These jobs see tasks for illustration delivering food, moving errands, and different jobs that require walking.

One of my favourite ways to make money stepping is moving arsenic a Rover canine walker. If you emotion spending clip pinch animals, you should see becoming a canine walker.

What is nan champion app that pays you to walk?

Many activity locator apps salary you to locomotion and each has its pros and cons. The astir celebrated stepping apps see CashWalk, Sweatcoin, Charity Miles, and StepBet. Each of these apps is user-friendly, easy to use, and rewards group for their movement. You get to take from galore rewards including gift cards, fittingness gear, aliases donating your money to nan chosen kindness of your choice.

Is Sweatcoin existent money?

Sweatcoin is not existent money, but alternatively integer rate utilized successful nan Sweatcoin app. Sweatcoin users gain Sweatcoins based connected really overmuch they locomotion per day. As you return steps, integer coins are accumulated and tin beryllium redeemed for different rewards successful nan app for illustration products, services, and discounts.

Can you gain money pinch a Fitbit?

While you can’t gain immoderate rewards aliases money connected nan Fitbit app, you tin link your Fitbit to fittingness apps that reward you for regular movement. Programs and apps for illustration MyWalgreens, StepBet, and others let you to easy link your Fitbit to nan app.

Why do apps salary you to walk?

Apps salary users to locomotion because they make money from advertisements erstwhile users usage their apps.

19 Ways To Get Paid To Walk – Summary

I dream you enjoyed this article connected really to get paid to walk.

There are galore ways to make other money and get free worldly by walking, dancing, cycling, sleeping, and different health-related activities. Take advantage of these free apps and support your information up by earning points and rewards toward free things for illustration gift cards, fittingness classes, food, and more.

The stepping broadside hustles supra person wellness benefits and moreover intelligence wellness positives, positive you whitethorn beryllium capable to gain an income, rate rewards, aliases moreover money for kindness donations.

Have you ever tried immoderate of these broadside hustles aliases stepping apps that salary you for steps?

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