16 Best Places To Sell Clothes For Cash

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Are you looking for nan champion places to waste apparel successful personification and online? Selling your apparel is simply a awesome measurement to cleanable up your closet and make other money. You mightiness person apparel you don’t deterioration anymore because they don’t fit, aren’t your style, aliases are conscionable taking up space. But did you know…

Are you looking for nan best places to waste clothes successful personification and online?

Selling your apparel is simply a awesome measurement to cleanable up your closet and make other money. You mightiness person apparel you don’t deterioration anymore because they don’t fit, aren’t your style, aliases are conscionable taking up space.

But did you cognize you tin move them into cash? There are tons of places online and successful your section area wherever you tin waste your clothes. You tin waste them connected websites that scope group each over, aliases you tin spell to section stores that bargain and waste apparel for speedy cash.

I personally worked astatine a secondhand clothing shop erstwhile I was younger for respective years – truthful I understand really awesome they are, particularly erstwhile it comes to being capable to make other money.

I person besides sold tons of clothing complete nan years, some online and successful person. I moreover had a mini clothing resale business astatine 1 point. So, I cognize a batch astir really to waste utilized clothes!

Where To Sell Used Clothes Online

Selling utilized apparel online is simply a bully thought if you want to make other money.

Below are nan champion places to waste utilized apparel online.

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1. ThredUp

ThredUp is an online shop that sells apparel and accessories for women, men, and kids. All you person to do is inquire for a Clean Out Kit, nonstop successful your items, and ThredUp takes attraction of everything else.

If you person apparel you don’t deterioration anymore, ThredUp makes it elemental to waste them. You’ll want to make judge they’re cleanable and successful bully style and bid a Clean Out Kit from ThredUp.

This is simply a large container that you capable pinch your apparel and nonstop backmost to them. ThredUp past checks retired what you sent and figures retired what they tin waste (they look for bully value and styles they tin sell). That’s their measurement to make judge personification other will emotion to deterioration what you nonstop in.

Plus, if nan items don’t fresh ThredUp’s needs, you tin determine to donate them to thief others.

2. Poshmark

Poshmark is an app and website wherever you tin waste mildly utilized clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. This is 1 of nan champion places to waste apparel online.

On Poshmark, you tin waste each different kinds of brands, specified arsenic Adidas, Nike, Old Navy, Free People, Zara, Lululemon, and more.

On this site, you would beryllium doing astir of nan activity yourself. You person to make nan clothing listings, constitute nan descriptions, return nan pictures, and group your ain pricing.

When you’re deciding really overmuch to complaint for your items, it’s up to you. Think astir really overmuch you primitively paid and nan information of nan item. But retrieve to beryllium fair! Buyers mightiness want a discount, and you tin little nan value if you want to waste faster.

After your point sells, you request to vessel it to nan buyer. Once they person it, they’ll inspect it. They person 3 days to do this. If everything’s okay, you’ll get paid. If you don’t perceive from them aft 3 days, Poshmark will springiness you your money.

Keep successful mind nan fees. Poshmark takes a trim for their services. If you waste thing for little than $15 connected Poshmark, they return a level interest of $2.95, and you support nan rest. If you waste thing for $15 aliases more, you support 80% of nan sale, and Poshmark takes a 20% commission.

3. eBay

EBay is simply a well-known website wherever group from each complete nan world bargain and waste things. You tin waste almost thing you tin deliberation of, from apparel to uncommon collectibles.

I’ve personally sold tons of apparel connected eBay complete nan years, and I cognize group who’ve sold everything from aged toys to classical cars and done really well.

With eBay, you person to do beautiful overmuch everything yourself. But, that intends that you tin perchance make much money.

You commencement by creating a listing pinch a starting bid. This is nan lowest value you’d judge for your clothes. Don’t group this excessively high, because you want group to commencement bidding and spark interest.

You tin besides determine really agelong your clothing is for sale. A shorter auction tin lead to a accelerated sale. Most past for 7 days, but a 3-day auction could create a consciousness of urgency. Think astir erstwhile your auction ends too. Ending connected a play tin drawback much bidders who are free to watch nan last moments of nan auction.

EBay has 2 main types of fees erstwhile you waste something: an insertion interest erstwhile you first database your point and a last worth interest erstwhile your point is sold.

4. Depop

Depop is an app for shopping, and it is very celebrated among younger customers. It’s a level wherever you tin waste galore different kinds of items, specified arsenic clothes.

Depop is simply a awesome spot for a wide scope of styles too.

Selling connected Depop is easy. Take immoderate bully photos of nan apparel you want to sell, and make judge they’re clear and show disconnected nan point nicely. Write a elemental but elaborate description. Include nan size, material, and fit. If it’s a well-known brand, mention that too. This helps group find your items erstwhile they’re searching.

5. Etsy

If you bask making your ain apparel aliases person immoderate aged outfits, Etsy is nan spot to waste them and make immoderate money. This online marketplace allows you to waste handmade apparel and immoderate vintage clothing.

To thief imaginable buyers find your clothing listings, you will want to person awesome photos and constitute adjuvant descriptions for nan clothing that you want to sell.

To waste your apparel connected Etsy, group up a shop and database your items. Each listing costs $0.20, and erstwhile your apparel sell, you salary a interest connected nan waste value too. This includes what you complaint for shipping. If you usage Etsy Payments, they return an other 3% positive $0.25.

For me, I emotion really Etsy is different successful this measurement from different places pinch clothing for waste – these pieces are typically much unsocial and interesting.

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6. Instagram

I travel respective group connected Instagram who waste their utilized clothing correct connected their accounts.

It makes consciousness – if you travel nan person, you whitethorn for illustration their style. So, it makes it easy for them to waste nan clothing that they have.

If this is you, moreover if you conscionable person a mini magnitude of followers, you whitethorn beryllium capable to database nan clothing you want to waste correct connected your Instagram account. This could beryllium done caller posts aliases successful Instagram stories. You could moreover adhd hashtags to your societal media posts truthful that non-followers tin find your clothing items for waste arsenic well.

When you person a buyer, they whitethorn salary you done PayPal, Venmo, aliases moreover cash. You whitethorn beryllium shipping nan clothing straight to them aliases exchanging successful personification (if they unrecorded nearby).

I person personally bought utilized clothing connected societal media before, aft seeing personification that I travel waste their apparel connected their account. I knew I loved their style (and had really seen pictures of them wearing nan clothing item) truthful I really for illustration to bargain apparel this way.

Another related thought would beryllium to waste clothing connected your blog. When this blog (Making Sense of Cents) was a newer blog, I really sold immoderate of my utilized clothing correct present successful blog posts, haha! It was truthful easy and I didn’t person to salary anyone immoderate fees. I had readers bargain my utilized clothes, and I would put nan items successful a container and vessel it consecutive to them done nan USPS. Everything was handled done blog posts and emails.

7. Kidizen

I’m judge you’ve noticed really quickly kids turn retired of their clothes. Your small ones mightiness outgrow their apparel earlier they moreover get a chance to really deterioration them.

And, that’s wherever Kidizen comes in. This is simply a celebrated online level wherever you tin bargain and waste kids’ apparel that are successful bully condition.

If you person a bunch of babe apparel that are hardly worn aliases a heap of small-sized shirts lying around, Kidizen makes it easy and smart to waste them.

It’s elemental to database your items connected this site. You conscionable return a picture, picture nan clothing item, and group your price. Parents for illustration you are ever searching for awesome deals, truthful your utilized kids’ apparel could find a caller location fast.

8. Mercari

Mercari is simply a celebrated online marketplace wherever you tin waste clothes, electronics, and collectibles. It’s a celebrated tract pinch complete 350,000 listings posted each day!

Listing your point is elemental connected nan Mercari app: conscionable upload photos, take a category, group your price, and you’re bully to go.

Once you waste and vessel your item, and nan purchaser is happy, you get paid.

Best Places To Sell Clothes

Where To Sell Used Clothes successful Person

A large affirmative of trading utilized apparel successful personification is that you tin typically make rate correct connected nan spot, without having to hold for thing to sell. However, you will typically gain a small little money because nan shop is doing each of nan activity for you.

Below are nan champion places to waste utilized apparel successful person.

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9. Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is simply a celebrated shop wherever you tin find stylish, mildly utilized apparel and accessories for teens and young adults. It’s besides 1 of nan astir celebrated secondhand stores wherever you tin get rate up beforehand for your items. They person galore locations successful nan United States and Canada.

I personally worked astatine Plato’s Closet erstwhile I was younger for astir 5 years, truthful I person some bought and sold items and paid rate up front. I person besides astir apt sold thousands of dollars of apparel to Plato’s Closet complete nan years, truthful I cognize this shop very good from some sides (both arsenic moving arsenic a purchaser arsenic good arsenic trading my ain apparel to nan store).

If you are wondering what you tin waste to Plato’s Closet, deliberation of what a teen aliases young big mightiness want to deterioration – that’s what Plato’s Closet is after. So, if you person apparel successful bully shape, without stains, and thing you’d spot astatine nan mall, you’re connected nan correct track.

To waste apparel to Plato’s Closet:

  • Call your closest Plato’s Closet and find retired what times they are buying apparel and what they are presently looking for. Sometimes, they are looking for circumstantial seasons, specified arsenic summertime clothing.
  • Bring successful nan items you want to sell. This could beryllium pants, shirts, dresses, shoes, and more.
  • A unit personnel will look done your worldly and springiness you rate connected nan spot for what they tin buy.

Every Plato’s Closet shop is different because section business owners tally them.

Oh, and different awesome point astir trading to Plato’s Closet is that you tin bring a batch of apparel successful to sell. So, if you want to study really to waste utilized apparel successful bulk, this is simply a awesome spot to commencement pinch because they make it easy.

10. Facebook Marketplace

Using Facebook Marketplace is simply a elemental measurement to waste things to group successful your area. It’s a convenient measurement to find buyers for items for illustration clothing. After all, almost everyone has Facebook.

To get started, spell to Facebook and click connected Marketplace from nan location page. Then, click nan fastener that says “Sell Something.”

You’ll request to supply immoderate specifications astir your clothes, for illustration choosing a category, penning a short description, mounting your price, and adding a photograph of nan item.

Once you’ve done each that, click Next and past Post. And location you go, your apparel are now up for sale!

11. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is simply a celebrated concatenation of secondhand stores (similar to Plato’s Closet) successful nan U.S., wherever you tin bargain and waste a assortment of apparel and accessories.

They bargain apparel connected nan spot, specified arsenic shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, jewelry, and more.

When you waste items to them, you tin either get 25% of nan trading value successful rate aliases 50% successful shop in installments for thing they acquisition from you (you get to choose).

I person sold to Buffalo Exchange a fewer times, and they person a very easy process.

12. Once Upon a Child

Once Upon A Child is akin to Plato’s Closet. They bargain mildly utilized children’s clothing, toys, and instrumentality (such arsenic strollers).

They don’t typically salary a ton, but they besides value things comparatively low.

You tin get rate connected nan spot for nan things that they buy.

where to waste utilized apparel for rate online

Where to waste luxury clothes

If you person much costly items, past trading them connected luxury sites whitethorn beryllium nan champion measurement to make nan astir money.

Below are nan champion places to waste luxury apparel and accessories.

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13. The RealReal

The RealReal is simply a luxury consignment online shop that specializes successful trading high-end items for illustration designer clothing, shoes, and good jewelry. When you waste your items done them, you tin gain up to 85% of nan trading price.

Buyers consciousness bully shopping connected this level because each point is checked to beryllium judge it’s real. That intends erstwhile you waste your designer things, they request to beryllium real.

On this site, you tin waste brands for illustration Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada.

To waste connected this site, you tin nonstop your items to The RealReal for them to waste (they springiness you a prepaid shipping label). If your items are nan benignant they want, this tin beryllium an easy measurement for you to make immoderate money arsenic you don’t person to database thing yourself.

14. Grailed

Grailed is simply a marketplace specifically for men’s clothing, focusing connected high-end and streetwear brands.

Grailed sells a wide scope of authentic items, specified arsenic fancy designer pieces, trendy streetwear, and unsocial vintage finds. Whether you’re into constricted version sneakers aliases elusive designer brands, Grailed sells them. Plus, buyers tin spot that they’re authentic because their experts verify each nan items for sale.

Listing your items connected Grailed is free. When your point sells, Grailed takes a mini interest of 9% connected apical of nan costs processing fees. If you’re trading to group successful nan U.S., there’s a modular fee. But if your purchaser is crossed nan globe, there’s a different fee.

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15. Rebag

Rebag is an online consignment shop specializing successful high-end designer handbags, on pinch shoes, watches, apparel, and different accessories. They acquisition items up front, and springiness upfront costs to sellers truthful you tin make other cash.

Here’s really Rebag works:

  1. Check nan worth of your bag. You tin do this connected their website by submitting specifications astir your bag. For galore styles, you could person an instant offer. If not, you’ll get an email pinch a quote wrong 2 business days.
  2. You tin past take 1 of 3 easy methods: Consign, Trade, aliases Buyout. With Consign, your net travel aft your container sells. Trade lets you switch your container for different 1 you want. Buyout is erstwhile you waste your container outright for cash.

16. Vestiaire Collective (formerly known arsenic Tradesy)

Vestiaire Collective is simply a website wherever women tin waste their designer clothes, handbags, and accessories. Listing your items is easy, and nan brands they waste see apical names for illustration Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Hermès, and more.

You don’t person to interest astir shipping costs – they’ve sewage that covered for you. Plus, their master squad authenticates each item, truthful buyers spot what they purchase.

How To Sell Used Clothing

Okay, truthful now that you’ve learned astir each of nan champion places to waste utilized clothes, some locally and online, now I want to thief you fig retired really to waste utilized clothing truthful that you tin make nan astir other money.

When you commencement trading apparel online, it originates pinch choosing nan correct level for you and knowing nan imaginable costs involved. Then, you hole your apparel to pull buyers.

Choosing nan correct platform

To start, determine wherever to waste your clothes. I listed retired galore different options supra to thief you get started.

If you’re trading vintage items, a tract for illustration Etsy is best. But, if you person luxury goods, past The RealReal aliases Vestiaire Collective is astir apt a amended choice.

If you person much normal, affordable clothing, past trading clothing connected eBay aliases successful personification astatine Plato’s Closet whitethorn beryllium better.

If you person kid’s apparel to sell, past Once Upon a Child aliases Kidizen are astir apt amended choices.

Keep successful mind that nan champion level for you depends connected nan type of apparel you’re selling, whether they are accessories aliases mundane wear, arsenic good arsenic really accelerated you would for illustration to beryllium paid and really overmuch money you want to beryllium paid.

Understanding seller fees and commissions

Understanding nan fees and commissions is truthful important.

Some companies whitethorn salary you rate up front, but they whitethorn salary you little because they are doing a batch much of nan work. For others, you whitethorn beryllium doing each of nan work, specified arsenic creating nan listings, taking pictures, and interacting pinch imaginable buyers – and you tin make much money.

Most platforms return a percent of your sale, truthful it’s important to group your prices accordingly to make judge that you make nan profit you want.

Preparing your apparel for sale

Whether you are trading your clothing online aliases astatine a shop adjacent you, you will want to make judge that your apparel look their best. This means:

  • Clothes should beryllium freshly washed.
  • Check that they’re free from stains aliases tears.
  • Fix immoderate missing buttons aliases loose threads.
  • Iron retired wrinkles to make them look neat.
  • Take clear and agleam photos to show disconnected nan value and details.
  • Write honorable and elaborate descriptions for your listings.

Doing these other steps whitethorn thief you gain much money and waste your utilized clothing quicker.

Avoiding scams and protecting yourself

Just for illustration pinch thing that involves money, location are scams that you whitethorn travel across. So, you will want to beryllium safe!

Here are immoderate of my tips:

  • Always cheque a buyer’s reviews earlier you work together to a sale. This elemental measurement tin prevention you from a headache later on. If nan tract allows you to publication purchaser reviews, past this tin beryllium a bully idea, particularly if you are trading thing that is precocious value.
  • Every website has its ain rules, called “Terms of Service.” Read them. Know them. It’s for illustration a norm book for trading your apparel without getting into trouble.
  • Meeting a purchaser successful person? Choose a engaged spot for illustration a java shop aliases nan parking batch astatine a constabulary station. Tell a friend wherever you’ll be. Trust your gut and if thing feels off, it’s okay to backmost out.
  • If a woody sounds excessively bully to beryllium true, conjecture what? It astir apt is. Don’t vessel your apparel unless you’ve sewage nan payment. Use unafraid costs methods and support your individual info to yourself.

I was scammed erstwhile once I was trading utilized clothing. Thankfully, it was only once. A purchaser bought thing connected eBay from me, and erstwhile they received it, they claimed it wasn’t what was successful nan pictures of nan listing I made. They took a image of thing that they must’ve already owned and sent that to eBay. Since it was 1 of my first sales, I didn’t really cognize what I was doing, truthful I had nary impervious that they were lying. EBay sided pinch nan scammer/buyer and I had to refund nan money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to communal questions astir nan champion places to waste your clothing and accessories.

Which tract is champion for trading clothes?

Poshmark, eBay, ThredUp, and Facebook Marketplace are awesome sites to waste your apparel online. I person sold galore apparel online, from azygous items for illustration shirts and pants to bulk listings (such arsenic galore shirts of a akin style and size) online, and these platforms make it incredibly easy to make other money decluttering your closet.

How do I waste my apparel correct away?

To waste your apparel quickly, I highly urge going to section thrift stores adjacent you to spot if they will bargain your utilized clothing. Stores for illustration Plato’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange, and Once Upon A Child will salary you rate nan aforesaid day. If you person a small much time, past trading done apps for illustration Depop aliases Poshmark whitethorn get you a small much money.

Will Plato’s Closet springiness you money for your clothes?

Yes, Plato’s Closet will salary you for your clothes. They are a unit shop that buys and sells mildly utilized clothing and accessories for teens and young adults. When you return your apparel to Plato’s Closet, they’ll reappraisal them and connection you rate connected nan spot for items they deliberation they tin resell.

Where tin I waste my apparel for rate adjacent me?

You tin waste your apparel for rate astatine section consignment stores, thrift shops, aliases buy-sell-trade businesses for illustration Plato’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange. Look up stores successful your area, cheque their trading policies, and bring successful your apparel during buying hours. Remember, galore section consignment shops technically don’t salary rate up beforehand and alternatively salary you rate erstwhile nan point sells – truthful make judge you are alert of nan position earlier you work together to them.

The Best Places To Sell Clothes – Summary

I dream you enjoyed this article connected nan champion places to waste apparel for money.

Selling your stuff tin beryllium done some online and successful person, depending connected what useful champion for you. Online options are convenient, while trading successful personification intends you get paid correct away.

When reasoning astir wherever to waste your clothes, deliberation astir what benignant of apparel you person and what you want to execute by trading them. Different websites specialize successful different types of clothes. Some attraction connected mundane brands, while others are each astir luxury aliases vintage items. There are moreover places online conscionable for trading kids’ clothes. If you spell nan online route, galore sites make it easy by sending you a kit to nonstop your apparel successful nan mail.

Whichever action you choose, make judge your apparel are cleanable and successful bully style truthful you tin make nan astir money possible.

Have you sold your utilized apparel before? What do you deliberation is nan champion measurement to waste clothing for cash?

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