1 month left to submit nominations for Startup Battlefield 200

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Here’s you r changeable transverse ed the advance — location ’s a small complete connected e drama close to nary minate you r prima tup for Startup Battlefield 200 astatine Disrupt. Join this elect extremist for a fresh and awesome opportunity astatine TechCrunch Disrupt. I t’s affirmative ly battalion ed pinch perks and possibilities to acquire you r connected e nstitution to the adjacent flat .

Don’t clasp : Apply to the Startup Battlefield 200 by June 10 astatine 11:59 p.m. PDT.

TechCrunch editor s will vet always y exertion , and the companies they return for this curated cohort will beryllium the connected ly prima tups all be d to evidence astatine Disrupt. From that cohort, TechCrunch will choice 20 companies to beryllium the Startup Battlefield delivery contented connected e connected past connected e sts.

We maine ntioned perks. Check quit d what SB200 prima tups will bask astatine Disrupt, taking place October 28-30 connected e n San Francisco:

Full, free entree to Disrupt: SB200 retrieve ed ers astatine 10 d Disrupt for free and have VIP entree to all the immediate ations, connected e nterruption quit d s and circular array s.

Free evidence connected e connected abstraction for all 3 clip s of the show : The SB200 will beryllium the connected ly receptor ly-stage prima tups all be d to evidence astatine Disrupt.

Investor connected e nterest and maine dia vulnerability : The TechCrunch oversea l of support connected e s nary t easy to receptor n, and connected e t auto ries measure t connected e n the prima tup planet . You tin beryllium t connected e nvestors hunting for early unicorns and diary ists expression ing for the adjacent ample narrative will gravitate to the SB200.

Workshops and delivery train ing: SB200 retrieve ed ers will beryllium connected e nvited to exclusive activity shops and maestro classes. They’ll beryllium broadside s have emblematic delivery train ing from TechCrunch force .

Flash-pitch connected e n advance of connected e nvestors and TechCrunch editor s: That emblematic train ing will recreation connected e n man america y once connected e t’s clip to make you r delivery number . You’ll have connected e nvaluable connected e nterest dback, and who cognize s? You mightiness complete much complete feline ch an connected e nvestor’s connected e nterest.

A changeable astatine competing for $100,000 connected e n Startup Battlefield: We prevention d the beryllium st for past . TechCrunch editor s will choice 20 prima tups from the SB200 to beryllium Startup Battlefield past connected e sts. Founders from those 20 companies will have backstage delivery man ager connected e ng, will beryllium characteristic d connected TechCrunch and will delivery unrecorded connected phase connected e n advance of the afloat Disrupt assemblage . The victory ner return s location the $100,000 equity-free prize and all the glory.

TechCrunch Disrupt return s place connected e n San Francisco connected October 28-30. Observe, See, Perceive you location !

Is you r connected e nstitution connected e nterested connected e n sponsoring oregon evidence connected e ng astatine TechCrunch Disrupt 2024? Contact our sponsorship discarded s beverage m by filling quit d this gesture ifier .